Monday, March 22, 2010

Updated Conspiracy of the Moment: Lady Gaga + Illuminati

Since Lady Gaga released her video for "Telephone," a friend of mine started entertaining a conspiracy theory about her. No, it's not about her being intersexed (hermaphrodite) because that, my friends, is already clarified in the video.

So what's his theory? It might sound funny but he theorizes that Gaga is part of the Illuminati.

The Illuminati, a secret organization that supposedly runs the American government up to this day, is a pretty shady subject. There's no concrete proof of the Illuminati's current existence, but it does make for good thrillers (see
Angels & Demons).

Anyway, my friend questions how she skyrocketed to fame very quickly. He argues that it wasn't that long ago when she released her debut single "Poker Face." And now, Gaga dominates the American (and perhaps international) airwaves. He speculates that a major portion of her ascent to fame can be credited to the Illuminati--they underhandedly promoted her.

So how is Gaga a part of the Illuminati, exactly? His answer: she is their messenger. Music is a channel for messages, particularly subliminal messages. Maybe the Illuminati is trying to convey something to the public. Maybe something along the lines of: Beautiful, dirty, rich Monster feels speechless over paparazzi-loving paper gangstahs. Oh, I don't know!

On a side note, do enjoy/criticize/ogle at her music video which was filmed in dusty Los Angeles. If you see the scene with the trains, that's the view I get every time I take the Metro to Pasadena!

Update: Lady Gaga's debut single was "Just Dance" not "Poker Face" as indicated in the entry. Also, there are more resources about this conspiracy such as this site.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Song of the Moment: My Type

It's been a while since I listened to new artists, but I'm steadily redeeming myself with the following tunes!

My latest find:

"Remedy" and "New in Town" - absolutely nice dance songs that makes me jealous of the Brits. The artist, Little Boots (pictured above), has that effortless voice that lets you know that it's OK to join her in the fun!

My other latest find:

Up-and-coming hip-hop duo, Baby Dollz. They have an interesting tune to their music and I encourage you to listen to them in their MySpace.

My recommendation: "My Type" - Baby Dollz gives a nod to the 80's with a nostalgic electro sample (from Yazoo's "Situation") mixed with their original sweet rhymes. It's a catchy single, but there's a portion when one of them sounds like an adolescent Justin Bieber.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Quick Event of the Moment: Walk Out

Hi there everyone! This is gonna be one quick post. Today at CSUN, students and faculty bonded together to get their budget frustrations out. My good friend, Amu, captured the scenario in her blog, That's Just Like Me. Go check out the vid...although you might need a translator for the Japanese text. For pics, go to this site!

This whole walk out thing is actually funny. So the students were protesting (very hard) about the education cuts, but at the same time, the religious people with the "Jesus Saves" banner are there too! Clearly, there is no clear message. Jesus or education cuts?

Well, on to my interview!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Updated Trend of the Moment: Sweat It Out

Looks from Y-3, Yigal Azrouƫl and Alexander Wang

Spring isn't officially here but the sunnier climes just gave me an opportunity to exchange my coat for a spring attire!

And since designers showed their Spring-Summer 2010 collection in September (or earlier for the men's collection), I'm really excited to witness what the general public will be seeing in fast fashion retailers nationwide. Of course, all the funky stuff won't fly on the streets (I hope), but I'm pretty adamant that the sweatpants look will.

Don't get me wrong, I still think sweats are in no way stylish, unless you're working out. But in some way, it looks appealing. It's very easy to wear, and it's highly liberating! I mean, I haven't seen anyone look aggravated or pained while wearing sweats. And that's why
Juicy Couture's "JUICY" butt-emblazoned sweatpants sold like hotcakes!

Plus the fact that it sends a semi-narcissistic message like "Look, I have time to work out at my own convenience!"

Update: If you ever get the need for hoodies, Balenciaga sure has them ready this season. But, you know, wearing Balenciaga with sweats just isn't right.

Thought of the Moment: When Giving Counts

While I was heading to school, there was this lady who hopped in the train. She was a beggar--not much as a surprise for anyone taking mass transportation. But she was different.

She started her whole spiel with the usual: I need help, I don't have this or that, and so on. Yet, she included something so emotionally potent that I was compelled to do something.

You see, she was raped, pregnant, and beaten up; she is in serious need, but she didn't stay helpless. She resolutely plans to go to a safe place (some place that provides homes to pregnant and homeless teens).

What astounded me from her is that she specifically wanted people to give her food, bus tokens and prayers. Many beggars or "beggars" directly ask for money, and they tend to shy away from receiving food or other non monetary contributions. But this woman gladly accepted my cookies (my snack!) because knowing that she can nourish herself--and her child--is far more important than anything.

I do wish her all the best.

Anyway, before I leave you guys teary eyed, here's a very sexy (not raunchy) music video from the talented-and-good-looking duo Chromeo. Enjoy!