Friday, August 20, 2010

Now, It's Abby

Nico's friend.
what does that mean?
i hate keyboards like these. :/
but whatevaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.
i do, i really do.
i like taking pictures.
and NICO.

So this is Rocky

The love of Patrick's life.
I have an evil twin her name is Matisse.
She abducted Patrick and tortured him half to death.
She hit his head on the concrete and forgot who I was!
It was a very sad day. He first called me a butch.
I wanted to slap him. But whatever,
Patrick was slowly recovering and getting his memory back!
Right now, as in THIS MOMENT IN TIME.
Verlotta, my long time frienemy is sitting next to us.
well next to me, sharing a chair with Patrick.
They're singing and i am typing.
Patrick is thirsty. Verlotta is making the Matisse in me come out.
i dont know why i'm writting.
dude, i dont even care about the spelling and the STUPID GRAMMAR.
i did get a freaking A- in English last year.
Mhmm, he's calling this interesting saying he's not going to post it till a long time from now.
but i'm going to press PUBLISH POST.
Rocky, NOT THE 80's BOXER. But Rocky, Patrick's
until next time i guess;;(:
Whatchaaaaaaaaa!! [END WITH A GEORGETTE LOPEZ;]

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Model of the Moment: Marcel Castenmiller

Checking at Urban Outfitters' e-mail promotion, look who I saw do the promoting! It's Marcel Castenmiller!

Not ringing any bells? Well, he's not
that famous (no male models are), but in the fashion circuit he's very well-known. He does runway for haute labels like Ann Demeulemeester, Herm├Ęs, Gucci, Kenzo, Giuliano Fujiwara because he's got the look. The indifferent grimace, the piercing eyes, and that I-can't-tell-if-he's-a-man-or-woman look.

It's nice to see him do some commercial work. I mean, I'm sure his wardrobe is filled with designer swag already, but knowing he can do mass brands keeps him grounded.

See him at Versace's Fall-Winter 2010 campaign!

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Monday, August 9, 2010

Flashback of the Moment: Oh To Be Young!

I visited my long forlorn MySpace page, and look what I saw! If I remember correctly, this was in 8th grade. That was when Abby and I (probably) first met at school. Oh the joys of being young and a little bit awkward. You can totally sense that from my posture. I was "freakishly" tall, so you get the idea--it's my ugly duckling moment.

So what have you been unearthing lately?

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Collection of the Moment: Petar Petrov Spring-Summer 2011

First thing I noticed about this show was the smiling dudes! This is very uncommon especially when designers book un-muscular, boyish-looking models. Boys aside, Petrov's collection has all the essentials covered--pants, shirts, jackets--without the usual fashion frou frou.

What differentiates Petar Petrov from the rest of Paris Fashion Week is the unfussy design, eye for color (neutrals are good for sunnier climes), strong tailoring, and down-to-earth styling. Flesh and blood men can adopt the looks with ease.

I'd call it
Jil Sander lite. But the collection has layering down to the core so maybe it's more Marni lite.

Listen to the soundtrack to get a sense of why the models are sporting grins. It's pretty cheesy.

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