Sunday, March 14, 2010

Song of the Moment: My Type

It's been a while since I listened to new artists, but I'm steadily redeeming myself with the following tunes!

My latest find:

"Remedy" and "New in Town" - absolutely nice dance songs that makes me jealous of the Brits. The artist, Little Boots (pictured above), has that effortless voice that lets you know that it's OK to join her in the fun!

My other latest find:

Up-and-coming hip-hop duo, Baby Dollz. They have an interesting tune to their music and I encourage you to listen to them in their MySpace.

My recommendation: "My Type" - Baby Dollz gives a nod to the 80's with a nostalgic electro sample (from Yazoo's "Situation") mixed with their original sweet rhymes. It's a catchy single, but there's a portion when one of them sounds like an adolescent Justin Bieber.


Trish said...

i love her dress on the 2nd video!!! ahhh i can never pull that one off XP

i too havent listened to any new artists lately, but it satisfy me for now to listen to the ones i've grown to like

Nico said...

Did u know that the vid for New in Town was filmed in LA...which says alot about how dirty and weird LA is (eg: dancing cholos and bums under freeways).

Also one of the dancers is a contestant on ABDC, the big guy from Heavy Impact!

Amu said...

Little boots! I like it!!
but i think i should not show the second vid to my parents in japan otherwise they will really worry about me in LA lol
anyway i like both artists

Nico said...

Hey Amu! I'm glad you like Little Boots. And yeah, don't show your parents... LOL. Well, it's only a video so it's all fictional. But it was inspired by LA lifestyle. And the song was about her first experience here in the City of Angels.

Abby Kihano said...

nico i love your type of music :] i need a new playlist xD

o yeah... how is philip?! O_O