Thursday, May 24, 2012

Video of the Moment: My First Styling Gig

I am a business major who had a major detour in the magical world of fashion. Hey, there's a business side in fashion, but it's claim to fame is its creative charm. As part of my internship in Something Creative, I assist my boss in styling photoshoots! The video above is a behind-the-scenes of what went down during the shoot. The photographer I worked with was amazing: nice, talented, and featured in Vogue Italia's PhotoVogue! And if I know my readers any better, I believe you're dying to know how tall the model was--lemme tell ya, she is almost as tall as me in flats. So pretty darn tall.

Too bad that during the semester, my small business consulting class clawed its way into my priorities so this is the only photoshoot I worked on--despite the many invitations from my boss. Stupid class! You won't have me next time (at least this is what I' like to think).

I hope you enjoy the vid!

News of the Moment: Sample Sale, Witches!

Gah, I have missed you, my dear blog! Well, enough with the niceties and all--for I have good news! If you'll be in the Los Angeles area from May 29 to June 12, Something Creative, the showroom I intern at, will be having a sample sale. See the image above for details.

If you're wondering what to expect in the sale, think jackets, dresses, tops, bottoms, handbags, accessories, and probably more (we now have European brands in the sample sale mix)! Another plus, the price range is from $10 to $200. Save the date and look fab after the Memorial Day weekend. Your boss will surely notice. I hope.

Email for questions. (Hint hint: I'll be responding back to your queries so don't fear.)