Friday, April 30, 2010

Mood of the Moment: Catching Up

I am catching up on a lot of things. First is homework, projects and all the reading my professors gave. The next is Blogger!

It sounds weird how I manage to put my hobby (blogging) in my to-do list. But if you notice on the archive section, I've devised a plan to
evenly blog in a month! This year, I post at least 5 entries a month. And for April, it doubled!

I don't like uneven numbers, so this post will make everything in multiples onf five. Obsessive compulsive much?

On a side note, I started following this special blog Sex. Muses. and Reality. Do take the time to check it out. It's about fashion--the sexy, mysterious, and a bit dark side of it. But don't be afraid, use the force!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Phase of the Moment: In Goth We Trust

I've had fashion phases before. I remember in high school, I was into the preppy schoolboy looks (nerd was my keyword), then to colors (wild and eye-popping), then to surf looks (à la American Eagle and the like), and then to shorts (even in winter).

Right now, I guess I'm in the black-on-black phase. My choice of clothing revolves around the color. And I'm increasingly aware of it now that I've been purchasing--surprise, surprise--black clothes!

I think it's for convenience since black is the most trustworthy color: when all else fails, black is always the fall back! I did visualize myself being goth, though. The mere thought scared me a little bit because, frankly, I'm the joyous type.

Givenchy has a wonderful goth-inspired collection. I really like the contradictions in the Fall-Winter 2010 menswear, that of calm religious piety and sleek sportiness. But the contradictions don't stop there! View the full collection at

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Collection of the Moment: Isabel Marant Fall-Winter 2010

Women, rejoice! Isabel Marant produced a youthful, highly wearable, and very chic collection. It has that disco princess (as opposed to her signature boho) feel to it with a nod to Balmain, and a little bare elegance with gently draped skirts and slim pants.

All in all, it's a very simple collection that practically anyone can rock. Oh, and the vintage soundtrack is worth noting too!

See the full collection at Isabel Marant's website.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Editorial of the Moment: No Sweat

To commemorate an exercise manual geared to suit-loving gentlemen, T Magazine brings us this fun spread!

It's a lighthearted take on the pamphlet, which was published in 1908 and now reprinted as "Exercises For Gentlemen."

With slim suits and thick-rimmed specs, there's an evolved yet retro feeling to the suit ensemble.

See the full spread on T Magazine.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Find of the Moment: The Male Model Life

Many blogs and videos are dedicated to female models. They usually document the girls' travails, personal life, and everything in between. So what about male models? Do they lead an equally thrilling life as the girls?

Luckily, an article in
New York Magazine unearthed just that. Mike Albo, the writer, followed Petey, AJ and Nico around town to witness the ins and outs of male modeling. Here's a summary:

1. Model apartments are carrrazy: But not in the America's Next Top Model way. "'It’s nuts at those places. They charge like $1,200 a month for a bunk bed,' he says. 'There’s all these rules, and the guy who runs it is tense.'" Oh, and there's this permeating smell of pot, and
there's nary a food available!

2. Walking the walk: "Unlike the female models who lean back and clomp down the runway, the men just walk like they were caught thinking about vanilla." This sounds easier said than done. Then again, these men are pros--anyone else caught thinking of vanilla may not get the same effect.

3. Fabulous job, but what about the pay: "The only hope of making ends meet is to book an ad campaign or catalogue job. But even those are less lucrative than they once were." And for runway work, their paychecks come in trade such as "a free sweater and sneakers from Duckie Brown and a $1,000 credit at
rag & bone." Perhaps this demystifies the whole diet thing.

4. The prevalent myth: Just as female models have myths (like being overbearing, throwing diamond-encrusted cellphones, scratching people and what not), male models have one too! "Almost all of the male models I meet seem straight. 'Gay models will go down in history as the biggest misconception about the male modeling world,' says Ferguson."

5. Yet they seem to fend off the females: So they're not all gay. But why the rift between the girls? "The women are preened over by stylists, surrounded by fashion reporters, while the guys just hang around and smoke....'They seem, I don’t know, really serious,' says AJ.
" This pretty much means no access until the show's over.

There's actually a video about model casting in Emanuel Ungaro. A reporter interviewed some men in hopes of uncovering the life of the mythical male model. And boy is it hard to be a man! Mystery solved.

Update: Want more tales about male modeling? Isaac of Isaac Likes wrote a sordid piece about the industry. Read it here.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Look of the Moment: Bloody Mess

Jean Paul Gaultier, John Galliano and DSquared Fall 2010

It's funny how designers interpret the meaning of "tough" in the runway. Women's Fall 2009 collection was full of it with the undying football shoulders, crazy makeup, and high-flying shoes. It's not the conventional image for tough, but when women deal with things that alter their body, it's really tough (ask anyone who walked in 10-inch Nina Ricci platforms!).

So what's the male version of it? I'm happy to say that the imagination shouldn't go that far. Lo,
DSquared, John Galliano and Jean Paul Gaultier gave us the quintessential tough man. The working man. The bloody man. The beat up man. The raw, the primeval, and the dirty.

Perhaps there's a tired feeling to the prototypical man as the "successful" man--the man who bestows the clean suit. But behind closed doors he deals with dirty business; he cheats poverty with, well, more cheating; and he escapes it all with the slightest of wounds.

After what happened to Wall Street,
Galleon Group and Bernie Madoff, designers must be utterly sick of all that. They want a clean slate. They want a man with virtue and strength. A man that handles things with his own two hands. He may be bloody beat up from that, but he's honest about it.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Lament of the Moment: Ugly Betty Series Finale

Yes, I watched it. I watched it this morning before going to school (thank God for DVR), and forced the tears back. Honestly, I believe the finale really gave closure to the series. Sadly.

My only complaint is that the whole plot is rushed. Back in the old days of
Betty, major events happen for a reason. Perhaps this time, the major reason is cancellation. Why, ABC! Why must you cancel this terrific show!

I'm really gonna miss the characters, and everything they contributed. They really are one of the best fictional people I know (and I don't know a lot). Nevertheless, their reach is immense in real life. Goodbye ole chaps!

To watch the series finale, go to Hulu. The last five episodes are available for viewing.

What're you waiting for? Go ahead and relish every Betty-fic moment!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Series of the Moment: Ugly Betty

I haven't watched episodes of Ugly Betty in a super long time. Sadly, the series is going to be canceled: the show hasn't had superb ratings lately. Which is weird because there's always a message behind every episode! There is depth to this series; the characters somehow epitomizes modern America because it represents all sorts of people. In addition, the plot is very unsuspecting. There's so many cliffhangers and twists, it's sure to keep your head glued. And the good part is Ugly Betty's producers didn't have to resort to all the sexual canoodling that others showcase.

I will absolutely miss the series. Then again, that means I can catch up on all the drama of seasons past at Mode magazine! The series finale airs next Wednesday, 10 PM Pacific Standard Time at ABC7. Till then, Betty!

My recommendation: "All the World's a Stage" - this episode hits it home with themes of self-identity a.k.a. keeping it real. Of course, there's a ton of laughs too like Amanda's "I peed a little bit." That one cracked me up. To watch the full episode, go to Hulu!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Song of the Moment: Excuses

I literally swooned after this song. It's so romantically alluring. I just love it!

Anyway, the song is by The Morning Benders. I hope this makes your day!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Fun of the Moment: Eating Out

After days of stressing out, I finally had my break!

The hoopla: I ate out with family and friends. And this time, I enjoyed every bite I chewed.

Last week was not like any other because my beloved relatives came over! It's a special occasion when this set of relatives come because they live so far north (think San Jose, California and Canada), and seeing them is such a rarity.

To compensate for lost time we ate at this Chinese restaurant, Ocean Seafood, and chatted it up! I wasn't a fan of the seafood but the little moments I spent with my Canadian cousin is so cool. She is really a worldly person, in the truest sense: she was born somewhere in the Middle East, lived in Hong Kong for years, visits relatives in the Philippines, Pakistan, the United States occasionally, and resides in humble Canada! Talk about traveler status.

Next day on my book is volunteering at church! My group was assigned to teach aerobics exercise to the senior folks, and it was a blast. They said they enjoyed it very much and urged us to do it again (in time, people!). After that, my group ate lunch.

I was thinking along the lines of fast food but little did I know that the group leader wanted to "party it up." So we headed to
Alcove (pictured), this trendy cafe/restaurant. The ambiance is absolutely exquisite; it has that outdoorsy, Euro feel similar to French cafes mixed with Cali flair. It's even astounding to know they allow dogs to dine with their masters!

And yes, every bite I ate was so satisfying. Not only did the food fill my stomach, but it gave me an opportunity to relish every moment with people I care.