Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Peeve of the Moment: GQ is a Fashion Nazi!

I haven't had access to my fashion books lately (10 Men, V Man, Dazed and Confused, and Vogue Hommes International) so I curmudgeonly settled for the blandly geriatric men's magazine, GQ.

I have some reasons why I am not fond of reading it. First, they feature celebrities on their cover. I know, I know. Americans love their celebrities because, somehow, they tie the knot between fashion heaven and the average Joe. But come on celebrities, stop stealing models' jobs! And to think those poor guys and gals just starve and work themselves out to exhaustion just to land a career. I should be blaming the freakin' editors too because their mind works like this: familiar cover model=higher circulation=profit!

Second, GQ's fashion editorials are full of rules! I am not a big fan of rules because, as the trite proverb says, Rules were meant to be broken. However, rules do make sense for the beginners--the ones who need style training wheels. But I just find them very constricting for the creatively inclined, the daring, and the avante-gardes.

And finally, their fashion spreads are plainly uninspiring. They are so close to reality that I find them vapid, lacking and boring. What the heck are the creative editors doing? Their position suggests they be creative, but in this case, they do the opposite. Editors, please take note. If you want to be relevant, you've got to be edgy. Even a smidge is aight.

Nevertheless, I never subscribed to GQ (thank God). And upon typing this, I doubt I would ever. Although, I still wonder why they won't take a chance and be like their foreign counterparts (GQ Deutsch and British GQ are worth flipping through, by the way). But it's not all bad on this side of the page: I still look forward to reading The Style Guy column which answers inadvertent sartorial conundrums in a refreshingly smart yet snarky point of view.

Lust of the Moment: Watch Out!

A watch is an important--and very understated--part of a man's wardrobe. Depending on what type you want to own, men should not hesitate to own a perfectly utilitarian tank watch. It's simple, direct, and only tells time! After all, your G-Shock already does the stopwatch and backlight feature.

From left: watch by Cartier, approximately $2500 at Cartier boutiques; watch by Armitron, $40 at; watch by Brooks Brothers, $495 at

Item of the Moment: Hi-Top Sneakers

Autumn is about to come in a few months--which means coat season is nigh! I have been waiting eagerly for autumn because a) my birthday is in autumn, and b) the weather will be a little cooler.

But enough with the weather. Why not start a new season with something sporty yet totally appropriate? Of course, I am talking about having a pair of hi-tops handy. They are not only comfortable to wear (come on, ladies; you are a testament to this), but they also provide the boot effect, i.e. your ankles don't get splashed on when it rains. Furthermore, Marc by Marc Jacobs used it for its Fall collection. You never go wrong with that in mind.

Just stay away from the ubiquitously common Chucks. But if you insist on going Converse, why not try the Weapon? Go for the black-and-white; not only will they be chic but they'll last throughout the seasons

Weapon '86 by Converse, $80 at

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Icon of the Moment: Draco Malfoy

You may be wondering why I put Harry's nemesis for my Icon of the Moment. Until you watch the newest installment of the "Harry Potter" series, I can't really tell you.

But I will anyway.

You see, there's something called dark-side chic. Well, at least for me such a thing exists.

Do you ever wonder why the bad guys always look so much better than the heroes? I mean, I'm no fan of the evil side or malevolent forces out there, but it is true! And if you saw Draco Malfoy in his all black ensemble in "The Half-Blood Prince," I bet you'll agree.

Remember that one scene when Draco beats the hell out of Harry (using magic, of course) inside the train? Oh, how I loved every moment of it (although I tried mightily to disregard Harry's poor condition). His slim black suit, shirt and tie; and for accessories: a devious wand and a graphite cowhide briefcase. The overall effect was either a Snape wannabe, or a darn serious evildoer.

Let's just say he was oozing evil (and guilt). With a sprinkle of tough boy chic.

Culture Shocker of the Moment: Ketchup Lays

A pal of mine recently had a vacation in Canada. She loved it there mainly because she has family residing up north, and the fact that everything is cheaper (she actually bought herself another Louis Vuitton bag because of that!). Anyway, when she came back to the States, she brought some pasalubong or gifts from her travels. And I found it curious that she brought home Lays.

The thing is, it's not just some ordinary Lays you get down the lane. You see, it's ketchup flavored. Yes, ketchup.

I thought that it was odd for chips to taste like the condiment you put next to almost everything (people even say everything tastes better with ketchup), but heck, I might as well try it out.

And lo, it was good. I'm not even kidding! It's literally like your regular Lays dipped in ketchup. Except it's not wet. But the point is, I decided to take a bag home with me.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Personal Rave of the Moment: Oh My Good Friday

Finger-lickin' good

I really want to thank S, L, A, and M for giving me a Friday that is filled with fun, excitement, and stickiness. Stickiness because, as it turns out, one of them is in a tight, sticky situation. If I can use a "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" analogy, it would sound like this:

Cormac is, without a doubt, attracted to Hermione. But Hermione is deeply in love with Ron and does not wish to be of any interest to Cormac. After all, Cormac simply does not fit Hermione's fancy. He is cocky, arrogant and muscular. Anyway, Cormac tries, desperately, to win her with his wits (or lack thereof), his charms, and his blessed physique. However, as much advances he makes to Hermione, the more she is repelled to him....

Ok, that's enough storytelling. But if I do go on, it would start sounding like a bloody purple prose. And that's no good. At least not to me.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Collection of the Moment: Balenciaga's Manbags

For men only: Giant City bag-esque travel bag

I dare say, there's a double standard when it comes to bag making. Don't believe me? Then head out to your nearest boutique and tell me how many bags are there for men. I'm sure there aren't alot.

Not fully convinced? Then tell me, if there are alot, how many varieties are there?

For some largely unaddressed reason, fashion conglomerates out there (you know who you are!) seem to be ignoring men who are
willing and able to spend alot of money on bags. Some of these men, believe it or not, unwillingly accept to purchase women's oversized purses, and try to pull it off without looking a) feminine or b) a bagsnatcher who scored a thousand dollar accessory.

But hey, Fall just might be the time to turn this conundrum around! Turns out,
Balenciaga, the bagsmiths of all bagsmiths, is churning out some pretty awesome sacs for Fall.

And look, they're specifically tailored for men: simple, sturdy and not as overstyled as their womanly counterparts. This should be enough reason to open our wallets once more!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

News of the Moment: Japan Lays Off Robots

You're fired!

In an attempt to save their human workforce, Japanese companies began putting their robotic laborers on standby. Since Japan's industrial production "plummeted...and with it, the demand for robots", future plans to create mechanized pets and companions are put on hold. (New York Times)

But Japan's robots aren't just used for frivolous entertainment or heavy lifting. With almost a quarter of the population comprised of elderly citizens, robots are necessary to "replenish the work force and to help nurse the elderly." However, tough economic times deem it unfeasible for care providers to fork over thousands of dollars for expensive robots. (New York Times)

Nevertheless, it's not entirely bad for the robotics industry. As soon as the market improves its performance, robots will be back in the workforce.

I'm sure some wouldn't mind a little circuit break.

Lust of the Moment: PSP Go

At last, after six years of unlimited play, portability, mobility and overall usefulness, Sony decides to amp up their PlayStation line with a new PSP Go. Although it will be available in Fall, there's definitely excitement for my part.

Alas, I never actually owned the previous model, so this would be the opportunity to actually own one. No more eavesdropping on my friend's PSP. No more.

Still, not alot has changed for this Game Boy competitor (gamers out there would definitely disagree with me--they put the PSP in a category of its own).

Users can still watch movies, play video games, view photos, listen to music and access the web. The only change, as far as I know, is its look and feel. Look, sliding feature!

In addition to the revamped body, the PSP Go will sport 16 GB of internal memory. So long, MemoryStick Pro Duo!

But one thing still bothers me. How will Sony price this new PSP?

It seems Sony is aiming to tackle the iPod Touch territory (after all, Apple does offer games to their Touch). It's only safe to say that it will be around the Touch's price range.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

News of the Moment: Sports Gone Wild

Most ignored major league sport in the U.S. causes quite a stir!

There was a time when everyone was focused on Michael Jackson's sudden death. A fraction of them, most likely the business-minded, frowned on the stock's performance and the economy's imminent downward spiral.

While the rest are verily distracted with everything else there is, the sports world did manage to
steal a bit of the spotlight. Among the big highlights include:

NBA sets lower salary cap for 09-10: This means multi-million dollar contracts may not be so multi-million as they used to be. No need to fret LeBron; you're far better off than the thousands of laid-off Americans .

NFL star Steve McNair murdered: Former Titans quarterback and girlfriend found dead. Police concluded that Sahel Kazemi, McNair's mistress, shot him dead then committed suicide.

3. L.A. Galaxy's Landon Donovan bags on Beckham: The Galaxy's captain gives a tell-all in Grant Wahl's new book
"The Beckham Experiment." Among other issues, Donovan criticizes David Beckham's "commitment" to playing with the American team. Donovan then decides to be "a man and t[ell] David how I felt as opposed to telling a reporter."

Activity of the Moment: I Upgraded Ubuntu!

The default screen

After many months of using Ubuntu's "Hardy Heron" and installing surprisingly numerous updates and apps, I found it fitting to upgrade. So as of July 11, 2009 I am using the "Jaunty Jackalope" version.

It certainly has the feel of the previous version, but the graphics are inches better. An added bonus is its superb speed. Although, it can gradually slow down, as is the case of any computer.

But despite some caveats (such as possibly slowing down the host OS--Windows Vista), I simply adore everything about Ubuntu, simply because all of it is free and functional!

Beat that Microsoft and Apple.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Item of the Moment: YSL Hankie

I am out with my BFFs right now, just wasting away in front of the computer (yet again but more fun). Everything is going swell except one thing kept bugging me: it's so freaking HOT!

Just so you know, I carry a water bottle so I can stave off dehydration, but damn, I just realized I sweat profusely. I just wish I have a hankie with me. Which is all the more reason to get one.

But not just any hankie. I want a specific one--a special one as a matter of fact. Check out this "pocket square" with safety pin print from Yves Saint Laurent. I call it hankie because I don't really wear suit jackets (last time I checked it's 85° outside), and the prospect of me wearing one will leave others asking "Why're you all dressed up?" I don't like those comments anyhow.

But the real deal is the fact that it's on sale! Yep, is having a sale, and this one will merely set you $59 back. It's worth every wipe.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Artist of the Moment: Yelle

Francophone peeps are already familiar with this firecracker of a lady so it's time for us Americans to get acquainted with her! Watch the vid to find out how awesome she is. Take caution when translating the lyrics, though. Most of Yelle's songs are pornographic. I say, ignorance is bliss.

Electropop is the way to go, chiennes!

Trailer of the Moment: The September Issue

The impenetrable fortress of fashion has finally been breached! Of course, I am talking about the fashionista's bible: Vogue, and the infamous editrix-in-chief at helm, Anna Wintour.

"The September Issue" is a definite filmography breakthrough since Vogue is reputed to be highly secretive and enigmatic, akin to occults and deviant sects. Could this be the very reason the tagline reads: "Fashion is a religion"? Who knows.

Anyway, this new documentary by R.J. Cutler sheds light on the inner machinations of how Vogue--and in particular, Anna Wintour--influences the fashion industry.

From presiding over upcoming trends; designers; models; latest ins and outs; to her co-workers' outfits, Wintour is portrayed as a dictator who has definite grip on the whole fashion business.

It also shows how demanding the fashion world can be as shown by one psychologically broken assistant, and a frustrated creative director (Grace Coddington!).

But the essence of the film is how creative friction between Wintour and Coddington can create something beautiful and inspiring, namely the September 2007 issue (it's one of my favorite issues).

Collaboration of the Moment: Jimmy Choo + H&M

It's official: accessories tycoon Jimmy Choo is collaborating with H&M for Fall 09. That means haute style for a small price, hooray!

But the real reason to rejoice is the fact that the collaboration will include the usual--women's clothing, shoes, bags, accessories--and in addition, men's shoes, bags and accessories. As far as I know, this will be Jimmy Choo's first venture into menswear territory.

Honestly, I'm just eagerly anticipating for its arrival. For now, I'll just wait and see. Just wait and see.

ARRGH! of the Moment: Feeling Disconnected

The worst has finally happened. For the past few days I suffered from a modern day syndrome called disconnect-ophobia. I don't know why but my landline is missing a dial tone, my cellphone is erratically giving me error messages, my internet connection is excruciatingly slow or nonexistent, and my mind is running low on sensory distractions. I guess this is the millenials' burden. Hyperconnectivity is already the norm and the lack thereof manifests a feeling of emptiness and inadequacy.