Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Quick Vid of the Moment: Prada Spring-Summer 2010

Two words: neo-Hollywood glamor. Not so much conventional glittery glamor, but the type that is simultaneously gaudy, youthful, and fun. What do you think of the mixed-matched influence?

On a side note, I'm sure Manju is excited to see this. She is a huge fan of the "pig tails-and-lippie" look.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Overdue Tag of the Moment: The Color Purple

At XXI in the Americana

Happy Valentine's Day to all of you! Or if you prefer, Happy Single Awareness Day (S.A.D.)!

Yesterday, I spent my Pre-S.A.D. with friends, which is the perfect way to do it. I simply had the best time with Abby, Meli, Trish and our newcomer, Bevis!

It's actually a series of surprises because I started going to church with Abby expecting nothing but scaaaaallops (there's a tune to it). Then we headed to the Galleria with Meli; later we met Trish and, eventually, Bevis. I wasn't expecting anything to happen, but surprises after surprises made the day even better (and that included the yogurt run to Alhambra).

After a long day's worth of laughs, I went home and received a special mail from Farah
! Yes, Farah, I received your lovely card. Though, one of the buttons broke (I blame USPS). I still love it anyway!

Which brings me to my main point: the color tag
! It has been ages since Farah tagged me. The prompt was to take pictures of a thing that's colored purple. Unfortunately I had nothing colored purple (honest!). But because I had a little trouble last time, I eventually earned my very first purple item!

Let's take a look:

My first purple shirt with my calculator, Valentine notes (the biggest one is from Farah), my wallet, and an empty XXI bag

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Guide of the Moment: How To Sneak Inside Fashion Week

Since New York Fall Fashion Week is just hours away, the Telegraph gladly offered some tricks on how to get a good seat inside fashion's biggest events. Here is the breakdown by cities:

New York: Wear the trends--strong shoulders, military jackets, leather T-shirts; finish the look with "a blow-dry, an Alex & Chloe heart necklace and a thick 'power' belt to cinch the waist." Also, don't forget the high heels!

While in New York remember to...Speak loudly--you’ll get nowhere by mumbling.
Don't...Be late. In New York, the shows start on time.

London: Here, the keyword is dressing down. That means cargo pants, "plenty of jersey," and--am I reading this right?--Nike hi-top trainers. Accessorize with Mulberry's Alexa bag and giant sunglasses.

While in London remember to...Party like it’s 1999. Just remember to wake up for those nine o’clock shows.
Don't...Hide grey hairs--it’s the hue du jour. Even Kate Moss did this!

Milan: Skip streetwear and hop into the most luxurious item in your closet. Finish your wardrobe with sky high heels, a black Fendi bag, and chunky gold jewelry. Clearly, ostentation and a discerning taste is necessary in this city.

While in Milan remember to...Fill up on delicious pre-show canapes. And you thought fashion doesn't feed people, let alone models.
Don't...Wear trainers.

Paris: Interestingly, a British flair is favored in the City of Lights: toss a Burberry trench coat, Breton stripes, and hop out the door with a forgiving pair of Lanvin flats. Don't forget Chanel’s Particuliére beige polish, a Chloé handbag, and Lanvin's pearl-and-ribbon necklace!

While in Paris remember to...Nip off to sightsee--it’s rude not to.
Don't...Get hideously drunk. It’s more stylish to sip.

There you go, folks! I hope this distilled version helps. A huge thanks to Molly Gunn (of the Telegraph) for writing this nifty guide!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Lookbook of the Moment: Spring 2010

Clothing optional: D&G and Alexis Mabille gives us swimwear for those hot, summer days.

Master illusionists: D&G's trompe l'oeil western T-shirt and Alexander McQueen's kaleidoscope-inspired long sleeve.

Blue prints: Etro mixes the color with paisley patterns while C.P. Company plays with the shades.

Cleavage furrow: HUGO by Hugo Boss' and Yigal Azrouël's biggest accessory.

Prada, Yves Saint Laurent and Ermenegildo Zegna opt to mum the colors...

...while Gucci, Calvin Klein and Bottega Veneta makes Spring time coloring time!

Overalls: Marni's and 3.1 Philip Lim's best bets for them lazy days. Just don't use them to end your essays!

Yellow jackets: Burberry Prorsum's and DKNY's Spring jackets are great for layering. And for attracting bees.

Sheeriously: Dior Homme and Calvin Klein takes transparency to heart, or the chest.

OK, it may not be appropriate right now because of the continuous rain, but it will be soon! Let's make a brief review of what went through the runways of New York, Paris and Milan, and choose what should get through the streets. Pick wisely, or it'll be one disastrous season (see underwear trend).

Activity of the Moment: Grampa Sitting

I went to Granddad's place to babysit him because he had a minor "operation" (that was his word, not mine).

As I trekked my way to his house (because it's atop a hill) it was raining constantly. I did not bring an umbrella (because I was in a hurry--the curse of taking mass transportation) so I ended up soaking wet. Furthermore, it was freezing. When I looked for my gloves in my bag I realized that I was missing a pair!

Can this get any better?

Come next morning, I woke up late and slightly angered Granddad. I was assigned to cook breakfast, but since I was dozing off he didn't bother waking me. Oh, yeah, and he was supposed to go to this lunch meeting at 10 AM! We just started breakfast at 9:30 AM, so clearly he was gonna be late. And did I mention that he had to take me home at that time too?

Needless to say, the morning's already messed up. To compensate, Granddad decided to bring me to his lunch meeting instead of taking me home. I thought, "Great, I'm going to lunch with other people. Just what I needed when I did not take a shower, or fix my bedhead!"

When we arrived to Barragan's (a nice little Mexican restaurant at Sunset Blvd.) Granaddad had the sudden urge to take pictures. He told me to get his camera in his car. I grabbed the keys and went. My mission objective was clear: go to the car, bring the camera and go back to the restaurant. But I took a little detour to fix my sloppy self.

After a few minutes and a little image upgrade, I grabbed the camera, locked the car and left. When I was checking my pocket, I found out that I was missing the keys! Crap, it's inside the car! What the hell happened! Even worse, what am I gonna tell Granddad? I already missed making breakfast, made him late to his rendez-vous, and now, I left his keys in the car!

Talk about misfortune.