Thursday, December 22, 2011

Look of the Moment: Fruit Loop

From left: Prada, Marni, Jil Sander and Bottega Veneta
When I first came to my internship, I thought I'd be wearing a suit and tie combo three days a week. In reality, I get to wear my usual street clothes! Working in fashion is a sartorially liberating experience because you get to enjoy dressing. As long as the effect is tasteful, it's always a green light ahead. To give you an example, whilst some of my colleagues don a cool jeans and T-shirt look, a couple of the ladies dabbled in sheer and integrated filmy tops in their wardrobe (they paired the tops with a colorful bra and a jacket for coverage).

I reveled at how I wouldn't dare wear the same clothes to other occasions.

Because of the insouciant dress code (I actually think there is none), I'm beginning to experiment a little bit. Of the Fall 2011 trends that I saw, I chose to incorporate colorblocking. You might argue it would be easy for me because I love fashion and have a quasi articulation of all the colors that traipsed down the catwalk. Quite frankly I thought that too, but let's face it: I am no color dude.

But here I was, in front of my closet, ready to pick an orange henley, blueberry wide-legged pants, a cream blazer with the slightest (and I mean it's almost invisible) pattern, and a screaming yellow parka reserved for the blistering thunderstorm. And I wore them. At the same time.

It's nothing extreme, but I thought about it for a moment and reveled at how I wouldn't dare wear the same ensemble to other occasions. It's too colorful for church, it's too dressy for school, and it's too kooky for business events. But you know what, I had fun with it. I walked down the financial district and many people looked at how bon vivant and kick butt I looked.

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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Declaration of the Moment: And I'm Back!

Dear Friends, Readers and (the occasional) Stumblers,

I know I've been away for some time (ahem, the whole freakin' semester). But to make up for it, I've been on some adventures that I am dying to share with you. From onerous group projects to fun office parties, I shall be spilling the beans (and then some) in the following posts.

I've been on some adventures that I am dying to share with you!

For now, enjoy this satirically hilarious video about the elusive--some argue they're urban myth--creatures that are called "the bisexual." Interesting, ain't it?

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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Craze of the Moment: Marni + H&M

Sorry if I haven't been active in the blogosphere! But enough with the apologies and let's get down to business: Marni's Spring 2012 collab with H&M! I didn't fall in line for Versace's (and I probably won't because the deranged prints and pieces just ain't me), but this one deserves my and your attention.

There is never one way to wear Marni!

I loved Marni's quirky-cool frumpiness and will continue to do so. It's very understated yet it's very creative and free form; it has the elegance of adulthood but also the spunk of youth. There is never one way to wear Marni and that's probably the beauty of it!

So mark your calendars because March 8, 2012 will be something to, hopefully, remember. I am saving every penny I've got yo!!!

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Friday, October 7, 2011

Video of the Moment: Mimi Mia!

Hooray! I just got an internship at a fashion showroom located in downtown L.A. As a perk to my intern duties, I get to work with the most awesome people. One of my co-workers, N, played some nostalgic tunes and one of them is "Heartbreaker" by Mariah Carey. Enjoy your weekend everyone!

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Sunday, October 2, 2011

LOL of the Moment: Surveys

Yesterday was Big Show at my university. I decided to volunteer with the American Marketing Association (AMA) just because I want to gain marketing field experience and a free ticket to the show. Anyway, my responsibility involved surveying attendees. To make things interesting, one of the survey questions gave me a lot of flack, just because the university is trying to be politically correct about it. Here is a sampler:

Me: Hi there, I'm with the Associated Students and I'm here to take a survey. Would you like to participate?

Stranger: Yeah, sure. Why not?

Me: With which gender do you identify? Male. Female. Other.

Stranger gives me a squinty look, then replies.

Stranger: I'm fluid. Where does that fit?

Besides those awkward encounters, I had a blast watching The Cataracs and B.o.B. perform. In the words of my AMA president: it was AMAzing!

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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Item of the Moment: Baggu Leather

After a successful release of their nylon reusable bags, Baggu is now venturing into leather territory. Yes, they finally have a reusable bag made from leather! For those that missed out on Jil Sander's "glorified" plastic bag, this is your chance. At least this is made to last lunchtime.

Baggu is now venturing into leather territory.

Leather Baggu bags are available at Baggu's website. Price ranges from $40 for the pouch to $150 for the medium bag. Leather Baggu bags come in apricot or standard black; they are manufactured in New York City.

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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Another Quick Vid of the Moment: More Balenciaga!

In a utopian society, everyone would be wearing Balenciaga. It's true! Not only will people embody that futuristic look our forebears dreamt of, but we'll be looking smashing as well. OK, maybe I'm getting well ahead of myself. Balenciaga is, first, expensive. Unless the utopian society I speak of eradicated poverty--which I think will not happen as long as we live in a capitalist system--then we won't be traipsing around in these geometric beauties. Until then, I'd probably settle with what's in my closet, some mesh nets and pieces of cut out trash bags to resemble the outfits in the video.

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Quick Vid of the Moment: Messing Around in Balenciaga

What else can I say? This is a scene about beautiful people lounging around (and dying?) in beautiful clothes (Balenciaga Resort 2012 by the way). Look, there is nary a furniture or even food--gasp!--to look at. I guess some priorities trump others. Speaking of which, ever heard of Maslow's hierarchy or needs? What kinds of needs do you think you need fulfilling? I think I know mine. Smirk smirk.

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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Splurge of the Moment: Viscata Espadrilles

I'm not gonna lie: Toms are overrated. Every hipster, woman and child owns one, and it hasn't dawned on them that those shoes are actually inspired from espadrilles. Enter Viscata, a brand that supplies real deal espadrilles that are hand-made in Spain. Indeed, they are hand-made. In Spain. Which means no sweatshop or child labor issues.

For every purchase, Viscata helps fund Trees for the Future, a non-profit organization that plants trees to areas "devastated by deforestation and global climate change." Stylewise, these shoes are my go-to for summer because they're very breathable. They're also easy to wear, easy to style and easy on the laundry--I'm actually saving money not washing socks every so often.

Viscata has espadrilles for the whole family!

If you're interested in owning a pair of Viscata espadrilles, you'd be thrilled to know that they offer a variety of styles. From the basic espadrille like mine (called the Barcelona) to more sporty variants and even heeled versions, there's practically an espadrille for the whole family.

Since Viscata espadrilles are made in Europe, the sizing, aptly, is also European. When I ordered mine, I decided to size down to a 42 (U.S. size 9) despite the website's suggestion that I order a 43. Guess what, the website was right--it came out tighter than ideal. The good thing is the material (the upper is made of denim and the sole out of jute) is capable of stretching to better mold my feet.

After hitting the pavement, the beach, and even (relatively) rocky terrain for a couple of days, my espadrilles became soothingly worn. Despite my derelict usage, there were no tears to be found! That's what I call craftsmanship. Still, Viscata discourages wearing espadrilles during the wet seasons. Getting these shoes exposed to moisture can unravel the jute sole, which will ruin the whole shoe.

Viscata Barcelona retails for $29 (excluding taxes and shipping) in Viscata's website. If you prefer French-made espadrilles, check out RopeySoles. Their espadrilles retail for approximately $32 (their pricing is in British pounds and this includes shipping to the U.S.).

European espadrilles tend to fetch higher prices.

Apparently, espadrilles from Spain and France can fetch a higher price tag. For something more or less of a bargain, there is New York-based Soludos. At $26 for the Dali style, they're a steal! I must disclose that Soludos manufactures espadrilles in China although Soludos ensures that manufacturers operate "under sound labor conditions, pay fair wages and follow local labor standards." (FAQ) For conscientious consumers, this ought to be tantamount.

Get these espadrilles while they're hot. Better yet, friend Viscata on Facebook!

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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Quick Vid of the Moment: Who Needs Dance Lessons?

Apparently, the guys desperately need it. They're too stiff. Anyway, enjoy this video campaign care of Lanvin. It seems video advertisements for luxury and fashion products are very en vogue.

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Monday, August 22, 2011

Lust of the Moment: Wherefore Art Thou, Celine?

I told myself "No." I resisted. I debated. I hesitated. I declined. And I told myself repeatedly "No!" It's fitting to say that I'm head over heels for the Celine cabas. Of course, Phoebe Philo is an accomplice to this affair, this liaison. It's dangerous but it's short of an addiction. Celine, why must you be one intellectual femme fatale? You know how much that stimulates my senses. Darn. You knew my weakness and used it against me. Clever.

I resisted. I debated. I hesitated. I declined.

If you haven't found the reason why I'm gaga over this glorified shopping bag, let me tell you, it's all about the construction. Its structure calls to mind a paper bag clad in lambskin (or python, linen, even rubber). Its supple texture and strict ornamentation invites you to its austerity, modesty, simplicity. And despite being bereft of stitching, the Celine cabas can carry 5 kg (roughly 11 pounds) worth of goodies. Gotta tell you, this bag got some heft!

Oh, Celine cabas, to have you in army green and black is priceless. This must be love.

Bi-color cabas, $1289 at

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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Feature of the Moment: Netbook Review!

Ha! You'd think I'm only interested in reviewing the runways huh? Well, I have a thing for criticizing electronics too. Well, criticizing is too harsh a word, I'm more on evaluating its purpose and function. I couple of months ago, my dad bought me a netbook as a spring break gift. He really shocked me with the present because, first, I didn't take him seriously when he said he'd buy me a laptop and, second, I was dubious he'd buy me a netbook after he protested that the screen's "too small." Oh, Papa, bigger isn't always better.

And so he did purchase an ASUS Eee 1001PXD in blue. Measuring at a very compact 10.3 inches wide, 7 inches depth and 1 inch at the thinnest point, the netbook comes with a 10.1 inch screen, a neat but teeny touchpad, and a full keyboard. The touchpad and keyboard takes some time getting used to but with my pretty long digits, I found the keyboard tolerable although they are a bit too close to each other. Another note, ASUS markets the keyboard as "chiclet-style" but they really aren't modeled à la Macbook. ASUS has newer models that have true chiclet-style keyboards but I found them too small--it's like texting on a phone.

Bigger isn't always better.

The touchpad has some special features to it; others may recognize some of the commands because Apple products also feature these: two-finger scrolling, multi-touch zooming and three-finger page flipping. For reading periodicals online, I found the scrolling feature very, very convenient. Still, it's useful to purchase an auxiliary mouse in case you feel carpal tunnel is coming in too soon.

The 1001PXD comes with Windows 7 Starter edition and Microsoft Word and Excel Starter. The operating system is not too bad but I'd suggest you buy the complete Office 2010 suite. With an Intel Atom N455 processor (it's not dual core) the netbook swiftly handles office documents, music playback and internet surfing. Mind you, the netbook ships with bloatware or software that has no real use to it but ASUS decided to install them to keep the netbook's price down (as my tech wizard friend parlayed). They are easy to uninstall, and in case you're wondering what to replace the standard anti-virus software, let me tell you, Microsoft offers a lightweight, robust software called Microsoft Security Essentials. The price: $0 and available at Microsoft's website.

Regarding the screen, it's obvious it's not the biggest even in the netbook category, but it's definitely useful when dealing with office work and light multimedia use. It's not an HD screen so picking on celebs' imperfection or playing graphics-heavy video games must be deferred. Still, I enjoyed watching Youtube videos and live streams of runway shows.

Worried about memory? No problem! The 1001PXD comes with a 255 GB hard drive and 1 GB RAM. The hard drive is actually divided in two, one with 99.99 GB and the other with 117 GB. The RAM can handle regular computing tasks described above and possibly more but I'm too delicate with my precious. Nevertheless, computing with the 1001PXD is one of the most hassle-free I've ever experienced. Other features are 2 USB ports, a VGA port, a headphone jack, an SD card reader, an ethernet connector, and a slot for Lojack.

For networking, the netbook is armed with 802.11 b/g/n. Sadly, mine isn't equipped with bluetooth but I don't mind. It also has a VGA camera that is pretty decent, a speaker that leans on the low side (it won't overpower other sources of noise so external speakers are necessary for audiophiles), and a battery that just won't quit. Surely, battery power depends on what you do with the computer but expect 4-5 hours in a single charge. It's below the advertised 8 hours but, heck, 5 hours is still a lot!

Can't beat its miniature size... it's perfect for the traveling student like me.

Lastly, and I must mention this, the case of the netbook is so seamless (ASUS says it's inspired by seashells and I can see it), it makes the netbook, usually the midget ugly sister of laptops, a stunner. The lid and the wrist rest is patterned with concentric squares so it adds to the visual appeal and also evades finger marks. Genius! Trust me, an all-matte case is something that should come standard if you're finicky about smudges and the 1001PXD doesn't disappoint.

If you're interested in the ASUS Eee 1001PXD, why not hit up your local electronics dealer? Unlike other laptops or netbooks, this one won't charge an arm and a leg. This is one of the cheaper but oh so valuable netbooks you can find in the market. And you can't beat its miniature size! Perfect for the traveling student like me. I'm sure a lot of these are available online too for even less! Happy hunting, everyone.

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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Introspection of the Moment: Homecoming

Thank you, Abby, for sharing this video. And kudos to Colin Rich for enduring the onerous task of time lapse photography despite the disapproval of L.A. police (you should read his little narrative to gain further appreciation of his work). Well, folks, this is the city I live in now. It's definitely not like New York City with the astounding skyscrapers and 24/7 lifestyle--New York, after all, is a city that never sleeps; on the other hand, L.A. is a city that prizes its eight to ten hours of beauty zzz's (hello, beauty doesn't come cheap in this city).

Anyway, it shocked me that even though I call L.A. home, I still find myself chanting "I want to go home." I told my youth pastor about this and he said that if I moved back to the Philippines, I'd feel out of place because the culture, albeit a familiar one, will be different for me. And if I go back to the States, it's still not going to fee like home. So what is home? If I'm never going to feel at home anywhere in the world, then where is home?

If I'm never going to feel at home anywhere in the world, then where is home?

My pastor, in his wise tone, retorted "Home is heaven." Of course.

But before I go to my ethereal abode, I must be able to fulfill my earthly purpose whether it's in L.A., New York, Manila, Paris, Milan, Tokyo, Abidjan, Kathmandu, Bucharest, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, Sydney, anywhere. And once I come home, I want my Father to welcome me with "Well done, good and faithful son."

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Monday, August 1, 2011

Quick Vid of the Moment: Whiteness Falls

Eerie music aside, the models are super pale. Does it highlight the colors of the collection? Is it a trademark of Prada? (Prada, after all, is known for hiring models that are naturally pale, for retouching their models to even paler proportions, and for subconsciously priming other designers to to hire more pale models.) Will it make a difference if there was a colored model in the mix? Oh Miuccia Prada, why all these questions surface everytime I view your campaigns, I have no idea. Anyway, this video made me realize how sensual putting on socks can look.

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Quick Vid of the Moment: Hot Cat Lady

Ever seen a cat lady? She's that type of lady that's a little cooky. Oh who am I kidding, she's cooky and she's one ball of crazy. Therefore, she entertains herself with cats because no one else wants to be in her circle of non-feline friends. You'd think crazy ole cat lady would be the most hideous thing, right?

You'd think crazy cat lady would be hideous?

Well, Preview magazine presents their version of cat lady and she is one hot, luxurious, catwalking mama! Watch her saunter and recline in some of the most cat-tastic fashion from Fall 2010 (hello, Louis Vuitton-inspired demure dresses!). Watch her here!

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Doc of the Moment: Driving in Manila

I lived in Manila for 12 years and I can definitely say that everything in the video is true. The traffic is horrendous and the pollution is so unbearable that schools teach students to always bring a handkerchief with them when traveling (to cover their noses). To compound the environmental travesty is the fact that the city's population density continues to skyrocket. Over the years, this has been attributed to the migration of provincial folks to the city, but more recently it's apparent that the Catholic church's campaign against family planning--which is what the city desperately requires to mitigate population explosions--continues to undermine the government's efforts to curb the population. Hence, the image of Manila as a city that seems to be in a slow decay environmentally, economically and socially. Still, it must be argued that the city manages to emanate a pulse that is undeniably city-like; it is Manila's own cry of defiance against decline.

Witness the deep contrasts that shade this city.

Watch the documentary to witness the deep contrasts that shade this city I once called home. Indeed, it is dynamic but its progress is paced unevenly: it's as if one foot is going backward while the other is moving forward. This observation won't take long to take notice as you look on the streets. Calesas or horse-driven carriages run along modern automobiles. Mega malls that tempt you to splurge dot the city whilst the majority of residents lives in destitution. Pious Catholics visit their shrines of worship and later swear their heads off at the slightest offense. These are just tidbits of the greater intricacies the sprawling city has to offer. To really delve into the whole Manila experience, it's recommended to visit and make your own judgment. Though, it is common knowledge that a lot of foreigners scoff at Manila for the very same reasons that I listed. For them, it's a mere pit stop to their true destination, the provinces.

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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Treat of the Moment: Balenciaga Then and Now

Perusing through the revamped Balenciaga website led me to their campaigns repository. Curious to know what Balenciaga looked like in the past decade (it extends to 1998)? Check it out here! Just for fun, guess which season that above ad is from (click it to view larger). Have a good one!

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Friday, July 8, 2011

Revelation of the Moment: How Much are Those Jeans?

The Wall Street Journal always has a place in my fashion journalism heart. From Christina Binkley's latest report, she peruses Los Angeles' fashion industry, dissecting and disseminating the cost structure of premium denim.

It's best to wisen up before swiping....

It's always a good idea to know more about a product's manufacturing and rationalize its cost, because, ultimately, you the consumer will end up with it. So if you're looking for your next Seven jeans or True Religions, it's best to wisen up before swiping. Lucky for me, I'm relieved to know that a generous portion of the revenue goes to marketing--my field--and manufacturing (no sweatshops!).

For an interactive info-tour of denim math, click here!

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Thursday, July 7, 2011

News of the Moment: Fit to Print

The menswear shows in Milan and Paris have concluded and editors are convinced that the overarching theme for Spring-Summer 2012 is sports. In Milan, Prada was at the golf course, Frankie Morello was cycling in the city (or perhaps just taking spinning classes), Calvin Klein was at the gym further toning an already sculpted physique, and Dolce and Gabbana was fishing, albeit leisurely, by the seaside. It’s clear that come next summer, while the Olympics lends its torch to jolly London, fashion folks will be playing their own sort of sport, dress-up!

After a deluge of color in Spring-Summer 2011, it's convenient that designers went back to what men are really about: potent, active and sinewy. This pretty much translated to heaps of sportswear in various silhouettes and myriad of fabrics. Nonetheless, designers kicked it up a notch by infusing prints and patterns to an otherwise hackneyed concept (ahem, Alexander Wang's menswear collection). I mean, if you’re willing to spend big bucks on these labels, it might as well not look like it’s Nike or some other athletic mass brand.

Fashion folks will be playing their own sort of sport, dress-up!

In Paris, the notion of discovery played a central role. Dries Van Noten experimented with fabrics; Thom Browne delved back to Paris' cabaret scenes for entertaining flourishes in menswear; Givenchy walked towards the light and paradise in a collection beaming with optimism (hello, birds of paradise prints!); and Louis Vuitton, with Kim Jones as new menswear director, found refuge in Jones' childhood in Africa.

My personal highlight from Paris definitely includes Raf Simons' almost-endangered-but-relieved-to-be-alive collection, which showed his craft in creating the best slim suiting. And the other is Lanvin which has garnered my special attention for their innovation in fabrics, silhouette and color. Dropped shoulders on jackets anyone?

P.S.: I'm so glad have now dedicated themselves to creating menswear videos! It doesn't cover every show of the season but it's a start.

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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Feature of the Moment: Fall 2011 Campaigns!

Campaign season is running full hilt since August, the time when Fall campaigns usually get their maiden exposure at major publications, is just around the corner. As mentioned previously, Hailee Steinfeld is fronting the Miu Miu campaign, looking very much like a girl playing dress up. Mind you, Steinfeld is only 14; sadly, those padded shoulders and grim color palettes took away this gal's youth. But if it's awkward juxtaposition you want, then this is probably it. Meanwhile, Tobey Maguire stars in Prada's menswear campaign. After ditching the "Spiderman" franchise, it's a logical approach to retain relevance and visibility through the all mighty Prada campaign. Hey, that's how models do it, so why can't he?

To embody the vicious and animalistic collection, the models must turn into one too!

More campaigns are available for viewing at New York Magazine, but Givenchy's deserves special mention. After parading panther prints for the women's show and rottweilers for the men's, it's only fitting that in order to holistically embody the vicious and animalistic collection, the models must turn into one too! Watch Naomi, Natalia, Kristen, Mariacarla, Rob and Jonathan get their power animals on. It looks freaky and ferocious with all that hissing and growling going on, but the total effect is just cool. Or nightmarish. It could easily go both ways.

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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Lust of the Moment: Wrist Candy

Summer is hot. Too hot sometimes. Want to amp up your coolness? Why not try these über snazzy wrist ornaments! Not only do they come in eye-popping neons, but they're also the perfect pair for the sports-inspired spring-summer collections. I'm totally digging the Altuzarra bracelet because it recalls backpacking or rock climbing accessories.

They come in eye-popping colors and reflect summer's sports-inspired collections.

As for TKO Orlogi's Slappers, you get to exercise your creativity by mixing and matching straps, dials and capsules. What's even more impressive is the Slappers' price: it's available at the TKO Orlogi website for mere $50.

But if that's out of your budget, consider Lego's (yes, as in the Danish toy building blocks) offering, a wristwatch with interchangeable, reconstructable links and a glow-in-the-dark dial. The price? $23.99 at Kohl's.

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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Thought of the Moment: Crumb-y Love

Ed. Note: This is purely for thought. I have no recent break-up to report!

"Oh you're dating my ex? That's cool! Well, I'm eating a want those leftovers too?! :)"

Crumbs are relegated to the lowest caste in gastronomy. Crumbs are scraped off plates and put in the disposal. They are left for the rats to feast on. They are patted away from our persons simply because they are just too darn crummy to stay on our persons.

It's suffice to say that not many people like crumbs. They are sloppy, meager and rejected. They are leftovers of what was once a whole. So what about people who like crumbs, those who take the time to collect the crumbs and make a new meal out of them? How do we see them?

Looking at the above quote I found, I can't help but wonder why people generally hate on the "crumbeater." OK, perhaps this time the crumbs metamorphosed into a human, an ex-girlfriend, while the crumbeater a successful suitor. Still, is it right to condescend on the ex's new crumb-loving boyfriend?

News of an ex finally snagging a new boyfriend can be a tough bit to swallow....

If you think about it, the new boyfriend should be lauded. I mean, he found a woman that another man no longer needed (of course, this depends on the circumstances of the break-up) or no longer saw a future with, and breathed something new into her. He rejuvenated her sense of love, mended her broken heart, and most importantly, he showed her hope even in times of great hurt.

I'm conscientious about breaking a woman's heart. It really pains me to see a woman so dejected and loveless. Yet, I must confess that news of an ex finally snagging a new boyfriend can be a tough bit to swallow, especially during the grieving process. So my question is: how should I handle this news? Clearly, it is not in my best interest to remain, if not intensify, my sulking. But it's also bizarre to rejoice at my ex's new fling (more so when the relationship actually meant something).

I guess it would be sufficient to say the sincerest "I'm happy for you." The hard part is restraining myself from schadenfreude midway.

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Monday, June 13, 2011

LOL of the Moment: Blingatude

My dad's watching "True Grit" right this moment, and I can't help but wonder who played the role of Mattie Ross. Turns out, it's rising star Hailee Steinfeld! She's a newbie (an Oscar-nominated newbie) to feature films but a quick Google search resurfaced one of her early works, a funny Kmart commercial code-named "Blingatude."

Haven't we all been looking for a man with blingatude?

In response to Hailee's big screen debut, one of the commenters, Falcor37, wrote this: "'Marshall Cogburn, I'm looking for the man who shot my father; I hear that you're a man with...True Blingatude.'" Haven't we all been looking for a man with that exact quality?

P.S.: See more of Hailee in an upcoming Miu Miu campaign!

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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Doc of the Moment: Pretty Boys

Here at Blah?, documentaries are one of my essential must-sees. The latest I watched is this worthwhile film titled "Pretty Boys." It's a tale of that glamorous occupation a lot of starry-eyed men want but can't have because of its unusual requirements (i.e., a pretty face): male modeling. Of course, the documentary goes beyond the stereotypes and delves deeper into the industry and its major hurdles, such as the stress, unpredictability, and most importantly, the harrowing truth that a pretty face can be pretty easy to replace.

It offers you numerous perspectives about the industry, so you know you're gonna get the nitty gritty.

Following a reality show format, the documentary shadows Kelly, an aspiring model, in his pursuit for success. You take a glimpse of what his life is like living in the big city, going back home to his humble country roots, and jet-setting to the fashion capitals of the world. Sure, he's living the dream (I mean, who doesn't want to travel and earn money getting pictures taken?) but you also learn about his constant struggle to earn his place in this fickle business. And it really is business, especially when you see him talk to a booker regarding his present finances.

Also featuring Tim Blanks (of, "Pretty Boys" gives you a 45 minute peek into male modeldom. It offers you numerous perspectives about the industry, so you know you're gonna get the nitty gritty. Still, it's fun to watch Kelly and his adventures. The dude really is enjoyable to watch (read: not stuck up and conceited like another aspiring model) as he comes across as authentic and candid. Eventually, the film gives any career-minded person advise. Take it from Kelly!

"Pretty Boys" is available at

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Monday, May 23, 2011

Video of the Moment: Yves Saint Laurent Eyewear

I've always had a fascination with Yves Saint Laurent. A lot of what we see in womenswear today is primarily attributed to his work. In this short film by Karim Sadli, the essence of Saint Laurent becomes the inspiration; witness the the duality of masculinity and femininity, light against dark, the iconic thick-framed spectacles, and the sheer sensuality. Once you see model Clément Chabernaud assume the repose, you can't help but recall the allusion: the fashion world's ultimate ad campaign featuring Saint Laurent himself.

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Mood of the Moment: Finals Season

"Non Stop Ultimate Pumping" by Steven Meisel
It's one of those indescribable feelings. No, it is not falling in love nor is it the satisfaction of giving mean people their "just desserts." It's called I-finally-finished-my-finals-in-my-hardest-semester feeling! And, oh, does it feel so sweet!

Although I feel exuberant, I'm going to be honest that I feel bummed about my Finance final. The exam's difficulty was average but some questions just threw me off. Though, I'm confident with the calculations so I should be fine. Meanwhile, the final for S.O.M. or Systems and Operations Management was a real S.O.B. There were five questions which was a combination of short answers and calculations. I was fairly confident from questions 1-4, but once I hit 5, things just fell apart. My professor has this reputation of disgruntling students by giving exam questions that are totally uncalled for. Alas, this was the case (though in my head I was defending him because he was really nice to me--too bad it's just a guise!) and I loathe him for that.

He introduced me to the men's locker room (where, apparently, it's perfectly fine to dangle one's dongles)!

Still, it wasn't all negative. My friend, JD, was planning to work out to vent his frustrations at a dumbbell. I decided to go with him since I, too, am in desperate need of unleashing my own set of dissatisfactions. JD, being more knowledgeable of the gym world, gave me a tour of 24 Hour Fitness. He introduced me to the men's locker room (where, apparently, it's perfectly fine to dangle one's dongles), and to a couple of heavy-duty equipment. JD's very focused on strength training--which I am not--so he let me do a couple of reps. It was really nice of him to coach me along the way because who knows what I'll end up doing to myself. I eventually had so much fun just hanging out with him and getting a whiff of his interests.

I should mention that his regimen of workouts is pretty intense. I am not used to weights so it's definitely an experience, and I'm proud to say that I survived this ordeal with both arms still intact (goodness, this one exercise where I squat 90 degrees, lean against the wall whilst carrying 15-pound weights on both hands, and pulling them weights above my cranium is a real killer). As a reward, he gave me an enchanting tour of the steam room! Let's just say that it's a room literally filled with steam. The air was so thick that it felt like I was in Jupiter's atmosphere; I was gasping for air while maintaining my composure but I eventually got accustomed to it that we ended up having a civil conversation amidst the unruly mists.

Anyway, back to why I feel amazing: You know those people that say exercising makes people happy? Guess what, they're right and their claim's scientifically proven (because of endorphins)! I believe in it because right after the workout, I felt so light and carefree (and slightly numb) that I even had the bravado to say "Hi!" to the bus driver! It's one thing to nod my head and acknowledge the bus driver's existence but I gave the man a complete "Hi!" He, on the other hand, gave me a "Xie xie." I believe he got the impression I was Chinese.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Videos of the Moment: A Model's Point of View

Models are seen, not heard. That's true especially when they're presence is mostly in the runway or print advertisements where looks are the centerpiece. Luckily, Swide magazine takes us backstage to uncover their oft-stifled voices. In the first video, the male models were asked whether their female counterparts are becoming dangerously thin. In the second video, they were inquired about some ways to fight the global economic crisis.

I must admit that some of them are hilarious and sometimes inaccurate.

Listen to what they have to say, though I must admit that some are flat out hilarious ("Totally too fin!" as one model enthuses) and sometimes inaccurate (especially regarding the economy, some of it is just plain wrong). Want more? Below is a vintage MTV segment (circa 90's?) that interviews both male and female models on the quintessential issue: Are male models really vain?

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Event of the Moment: Final Fever

Yeah, I know. It's been quite some time since I blogged; the last time I was afforded such privilege was in spring break. The good news is that finals is next week. Even better news, I only have to take two! This semester may be full of team projects (such as that dour marketing plan) but the great thing about them is after they're done, c'est fini! So I'm just cruising by although studying for Finance and Systems and Operations Management should be my priority.

It's very suitable from the boardroom to la boîte...

Oh, I missed watching the Fall 2011 shows too! Too bad I didn't have time to distill the major trends like I used to. In a way, I have my own catching up to do. In any case, 3.1 Phillip Lim showcased a laconic short film featuring the Fall 2011 menswear collection. It's graphic in a monochrome way (see setting and the clothes), but it's also beautiful in a muted way. Coming from a business perspective, it's very suitable from the boardroom to la boîte (nightclub). I guess that's the world I wanna go to in my professional career, wink wink.

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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Event of the Moment: Spring Beginning

Mugu Rock
I've been away from the blogosphere for a long time. To my dear readers, I apologize for the slight inconvenience. But if I really had to blame someone/something, it would be school. Anyway, I'm enjoying spring break with friends. I've been sleeping over E's place in Northridge. It's a huge departure from my usual routine, which is to wake up early, travel to school, stay late till my eyes drop out of their sockets, then head home.

It has been a wonderful break because of the fun I've been having with E and my other friend, SJ (he sporadically visits E and I). Yesterday, we went hiking around the canyons when dusk was literally a minute away. It was a relatively bad idea, especially when we didn't have reliable lighting. Nonetheless, the thrill was in the adrenaline rush and the constant fear that a coyote might feast on my body. Alas, I was alive after that test of endurance, and was eagerly rewarded with a bowl of frozen yogurt!

Today, E decided to bring me to his hometown of Thousand Oaks. Yes, the name did remind me of a fictitious city in Pokémon, but it actually came from the fact that the town had, well, thousands of oaks! Again, we hiked a trail that was less treacherous but equally adventurous, eventually catching a lovely view of the town: rolling hills, terra cotta roofs, winding roads, and a massive expanse of trees.

There were waves crashing against rocks, and there was tranquility.

Afterwards, he brought me to Camarillo where I met his dad. We had a hearty meal at Olas (a Mexican restaurant that offered my stomach the burrito it's been craving), then proceeded to a mental-asylum-turned-educational-facility: California State University, Channel Islands. The university was eerily dark, but believe me, it wasn't because it used to be coockoo-ville. Rather, it was because the facility is tucked into the hills, where the fog and mist shroud it with mystery. I, however, loved the Spanish inflected architecture.

Though it has been a very spry week, we didn't return to Camarillo without a peek of Mugu Rock. E's dad recommended we drive there and, boy, was he right. There was a steep cliff, waves (big waves mind you) crashing against rocks, and oddly enough, I felt tranquility. There was darkness but the moon lit the ground. In my opinion, it was romantic. Yet it reminded me of movie scenes where the killer, masquerading as a sensitive and nice guy, turns into a malevolent creature and pushes the girl to the cliff where the waves introduce her to them big rocks. Splat! Anyway, it was time for dessert, so we headed back to Camarillo.

Spring break with E has been a ton of fun. I learned a lot about him during my stay. I also learned about his family and friends--though it was almost like a coincidence that I met them. This is truly a spring to remember. Not only is it the most fun I've had, but because there were so many things that I experienced, learned, met, felt, and enjoyed too. One of them is George Craig, E's British underground rock sensation. Watch his video below!

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Friday, March 11, 2011

Item of the Moment: More Toast, Please!

I just got a little "sumn sumn" in the mail today! I'm a sucker for surprises, so it's even more surprising that I got something from my dear friend, Abby.

I love all her offering!

Now, I mention her name sporadically in this blog, and it's for good reason. She recently opened her new business, Robots in Trouble, and simply put, I love all her offering! She sells little trinkets from keychains to plushies; plus, everything is super adorable! This doesn't go without her very reasonable pricing. Everything is handmade and unique, hence you're paying for sweat and blood.

Check out her store here. She uses PayPal so you know every purchase is secure. What are you waiting for?

Monday, February 28, 2011

Videos of the Moment: Gucci Through the Seasons

Gucci is the embodiment of fabulosity--only spelled with a G. Watch the advertisements, from Fall 2007 to Spring 2011, and get a feel of the brand's value proposition. Yes, it is luxurious to the point of sensational. But is there more to be desired despite the signature full-frontal ostentation?

P.S.: Does anyone notice how well-coiffed their heads are despite all the movements? Gucci = pretty hair. Gucci mane?

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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Quick Vid of the Moment: Pre-McGibbon Chloé

Around 2008, Paulo Melim Andersson took charge as Chloé's creative director. He definitely took the "girly" house to a different direction with his quirky, youthful, and eclectic vision. I personally liked his collection, but the reception across retailers wasn't quite as warm as it should have been. Though he has been replaced by Hannah McGibbon, his influence is definitely something worth looking at.

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Friday, February 11, 2011

Quick Vid of the Moment: Earn Your Dancing Stripes

I recently saw the Spring-Summer 2011 video campaign for Prada, and I'm amazed by its thumb-thumping energy! Isn't it more fun to welcome Spring with some hypnotic gyrations and groovy moves? But to complete the picture, festoon yourself in the most daring stripes and brogues. That fur stole is totally optional.

To check out the backstage video, visit

P.S.: Happy Valentine's Day! Enjoy the non-holiday day.

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Friday, January 28, 2011

Splurge of the Moment: What's Up Doc?

If you haven't realized from the title what I'll be talking about, here's a hint: Bugs loves 'em. A week ago, I ordered a pair of carrot trousers from ASOS, and after a merciless wrestle on my impatience, I have them!

The thing I noticed about online shopping is that the purchasing process is as swift as a click of a mouse. However, online shopping tests people in one skill: delayed gratification. Unlike real-life shopping, online shopping requires people to wait for their orders to arrive to the point of madness. Needless to say, I am very poor in this area, eventually developing a knack for tracking my order every hour or so--despite ASOS' reminder that their standard delivery ships around 7 business days.

I was saturated with glee only a giddy schoolgirl can express.

Ultimately, once the mailman dropped my package, I was saturated with glee only a giddy schoolgirl can express. (OK, I didn't look like that but in my head I felt like that.) I grabbed the scissors and tore up the packaging and beheld in my hands my new pair of pants!

But something wasn't quite right. I felt the fabric and thought it soft. When I checked the "ingredients" tag, I was aghast to see it wasn't 100% cotton as advertised. In fact, it wasn't even made from cotton! Darn ASOS screwed me over. But the good thing is it's not going to be as wrinkly as cotton tends to be that way after several washes.

Other than that, it looks like a good buy! Usually, when I get things on sale, the item's either funky-looking or some of the buttons are missing. But now that I received these trousers, I feel that I got what I wanted.

Video of the Moment: Pringle of Scotland's Snow

I wish it's snowing right now like in this short clip from Pringle of Scotland. This video makes me want to leave L.A.--just for a while--and enjoy some wintry fun. Though it's January, it's sunny in L.A. as of this moment. The sun brings its own style of mirth but the snow is something else. It emulates pure fun.

Want to know more why I want to frolick in the snow? Watch it here.

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Friday, January 21, 2011

News of the Moment: Evangelion 2.0 Screening

This just in: the second installment of Neon Genesis Evangelion's rebuild (a remake to the anime TV series) aptly named "Evangelion: 2.0 You Can (Not) Advance" is playing in Downtown Independent starting January 28.

It's best to bring your otaku hats to the show.

The sequel is much anticipated since the original and redone endings didn't necessarily conclude the Evangelion series. Actually, it did in the mentally fracturing "The End of Evangelion," but fanboys like myself cannot contend with the fact that everyone in the story dies. Compounding that is the "End"'s abstractness: there are parts when clips of reality mesh with the clips of the movie which utlimately felt disjointed. Was it being philosophical, suggesting a moment of reflection? I don't know.

L.A. Times critic Robert Abele thought "Evangelion 2.0" delivers "plenty of orgiastically designed battle sequences, futuristic fortress-themed visuals (cool retractable buildings, Tokyo!) and a deep empathy with the confusion and alienation in its adolescent heroes." However, he warns that those unfamiliar with the TV series may deem it dragging at some points. In sum, it's best to bring your otaku (anime fanboy) hats on before the show.

Video from

Trailer of the Moment: From Prada to Nada

Prada's hallowed name has been tossed around in films, for better or worse. "From Prada to Nada," premiering January 28, 2011, is probably leaning on the worse. The plot, adopted from Jane Austen's "Sense and Sensibility," is already hackneyed. Honestly, how many incarnations of riches-to-rags storylines do we have to endure?

It looks like a nice movie. Just nice.

Also, the image of Mexicans living in the United States is devastatingly stereotyped. In the film the rich girls' estranged family live in East L.A. (as if the everyday Mexican is quarantined in that area), where cholos (gangsters) and seemingly shady characters roam, and where undocumented immigrants run amok at the presence of an immigration official (it was actually a false alarm).

My best bet about this film is the resurface of Alexa Vega, who had her hiatus since the "Spy Kids" franchise, Camilla Belle known for "When a Stranger Calls" (Belle impeccably wore Alexander McQueen above), and Adrianna Barraza who has a history of playing compelling roles (see her in "Babel" and "Amores Perros"). Perhaps I can give merit to director Angel Garcia for trying to elevate the Latino experience in mainstream media. Other than that, it looks like a nice movie. Just nice.

P.S.: Maybe I'll watch this for Camilla. Sigh.

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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Recap of the Moment: Milan Fashion Week Part 2

Alas, there is more to Milan menswear shows than meets the eye. See more below:

6. Costume National - stripes, casual suits, turtlenecks, more gray, bright piping on coats.

7. D&G - product placement, streetwear, candy colors, headphones, American Eagle gone luxe.

8. Versace - darkness, utility belts, textured leather trousers, quilted coats, royal blue (my new IT color).

9. Frankie Morello - pyjama suits, turbans, blankets, mustachioed/bearded ski masks, knit overload.

10. Prada - boxy fit, oversized tops, chevrons, jockey shorts, carrot pants, metallics.

So what are your thoughts? Yay on another resurgence of drop crotch, or nay on oversized boxy jackets? You think colorblocking is the way to go, or just stick to one color à la Versace? One thing is for sure: color is the trend for Fall-Winter 2011.

All images except topmost from; topmost from

Recap of the Moment: Milan Fashion Week Part 1

Part and parcel of greeting the New Year are the Fall-Winter menswear shows in Milan. Venerated periodicals and websites are currently in flux of runway photos and critic reviews. Lucky for you, I am neither a critic nor an editor so I'll spare you the gargantuan essays. Here are my notes of Milan's collections in ten words or less:

1. Marni - earth tones, leather sleeves, colorblocked monk strap shoes, simple silhouettes.

2. Dolce & Gabbana - tailoring, grays, drop crotch, burgundy, fur anoraks, specs, pecs.

3. Burberry - checks, skinny pants, a flurry of produce-colored (carrot, olive, blueberry, peach, broccoli) coats, plastic raincoats.

4. Bottega Veneta - gray suiting, colorific trousers and coats, leather pants (if bad boys wore color, this would be it).

5. Jil Sander - colorblocking, fuchsia, cream, textured shirts, layering (a muted continuation of Spring 2011).

All images except topmost and Dolce & Gabbana from; topmost from; Dolce & Gabbana from

Monday, January 10, 2011

Splurge of the Moment: 10 Men in Carrot Pants

How long has it been since I flexed my purchasing muscle? Granted, I've been saving for one item. Here's a hint: it's necessary for Southern California. Nonetheless my thrift didn't stop me from trying ASOS, a UK-based fashion emporium that recently opened its American wing.

I haven't done much clothes shopping online primarily because of security issues. But since it's a new year, I am testing the online waters by purchasing a pair of pleated carrot trousers.

Hopefully, Isaac from Isaac Likes would approve...

If you're wondering what "carrot trousers" mean, it's a fancy word for pants that have a loose crotch but tapered legs. It's like a hybrid of skinny pants and regular pants. And hopefully, Isaac from Isaac Likes would approve, especially after his expressed vehemence to drop crotch pants.

Next on my list is a personal accomplishment. I finally bought an issue of 10 Men! I've been raving about this magazine for years, and I've had a habit of stalking it on the shelves of Borders but never really had the chutzpah to buy it. Although it's pretty expensive for a magazine (I shelled out nearly $20 for one issue!), it's a wonderful read, particularly their "176 Men For You" issue which documents important male players in the fashion field. Want a free preview before you buy? is the address to go.

Now that I divulged my sporadic shopping adventures, I must admit that I'm in a rut. All of a sudden, I feel this urge to go for more. What have I done!

Interested in what I'm eyeing next?

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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Feature of the Moment: Hair'd On The Runway

"A new year, a new you." That was my sincerest sentiment to a friend before 2011. Well, it was actually directed to his hair.

My good friend, SJ, has been keenly growing his hair into a purty mane. It's a shame I can't say the same to his beleaguered hairdo; let's just say it's deadlocked to ponytail mode ever since. To herald a new beginning, I took it upon myself to suggest ways to spruce SJ's tresses up. I even added a matching soundtrack courtesy of Willow Smith. Let the hair raising begin!

Let the hair raising begin!

1. The side part from Celine - Long a staple of balding men, this minimal style requires a simple comb over from one side of the head to the other. Gather the hair at the nape and you're good to go!

2. Long hair don't care at Proenza Schouler - Channel grungy or surfer nonchalance with this low maintenance 'do. To achieve it, Stylelist notes to "spritz some Océanique spray to create a crispy finish, and add some gel for a bit of lift." Or you could just roll over from bed.

3. Gone slick at Dries Van Noten - Clean, cool and utterly chic, this look is perfect for the boardroom or the nightclub. All it takes, chimes Fashionising, is "good old-school Brylcreem if you're after a classic wet look." The second is which side to slick it to.

Any suggestions you want to share? Simply drop them by the comments section!

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