Friday, August 28, 2009

Endorsement of the Moment: Elizabeth and James Menswear

Power twins MK and Ashley Olsen has finally done it! No, they are not poor. Or fat. Actually, their rather incognito clothing brand, Elizabeth and James, has expanded to include a menswear line!

Their Fall men's collection isn't as comprehensive as the fully dedicated menswear of other designers. But, their line does include basics like shirts, jackets and pants. With a midlevel price range (think $100 to $500) there are some drawbacks. However, a quick purchase is a sure departure from
H&M and Forever 21.

I say, buy at your own risk! For more information, visit their website.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Activity of the Moment: Aerobics

I don't like exercising. I don't like running. I don't like hitting, dribbling, or throwing balls of any kind. I don't like losing. And most definitely, I don't like wearing athletic shoes. But, I do like to mess around and look like I'm dancing!

This semester, I decided to kick off my stagnant summer ass and take a fitness class--aerobics! Aerobics exercise is meant to be a low to moderate intensity activity that gets the whole body pumping. Today, I did the lower body crunches, and added moves for the arms and chest. Also, I did a handful of stretching, deep breathing, and jumping.

It does sound effortlessly easy, however don't say it's a piece of cake.

I agree that almost everyone could just jump around and kick like Jackie Chan, but there are aspects that require thought. Some moves, for instance, are confusing and cause you to get out of tune. If you have two left feet just like I do, then you know how that feels. Add really fast club music and everything just falls out of place.

But it is not disappointingly confusing. Remember to pay attention and maintain your pace. The main goal is to keep your heart pumping and your muscles moving. There requires no running (there are jogs, though), no balls (at least nothing at 95 mph speeds), and no losing (it ain't no competition, people!).

Despite all those comforting facts, I do have to exercise in athletic sneakers. Unfortunately, it's a requirement

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Fail of the Moment: I Should've Bought It

Yesterday, I went to the Out of the Closet thrift store (at Hollywood/Western) with my friend. I didn't go there because I wanted to buy anything--I was just there so I could hang out with my friend. Thrift stores aren't really my go-to stores, but I never tire of discovering precious vintage items at super-discounted price. But, unlike the previous stores I've been to, I found this boutique's men's collection a bit too lacking and tacky for my taste. There were discolored jumpers, humongous shorts, painfully overdecorated shirts, and dreadfully wide jackets. Absolutely nothing caught my interest.

As my friend noticed my increasingly restless disposition, she told me to go through their racks once again. I did, although with much hesitation. I went through racks and racks of long sleeves, short sleeves, jeans, chinos, jackets; I perused another rack, sifting through a thousand T-shirts. Although some tees were admittedly "cool" enough for me, they didn't register as long-term investment. That was until I saw something that clearly did not belong.

In the sea of printed, tie-dyed and ripped shirts, I unearthed a golden brown jacket. It was partially wrinkled but I thought it was perfect: it doesn't look used, the buttons are intact, and the fit was excellently on point. I would have preferred it be pencil fit, but of all the jackets I own/owned, this one is a winner. It had peaked lapels (which is so hard to find), sleeves that fell slightly above my wrists (not too high, not too low), a shapely body (it gave an illusion that I have a waist and not a rectangular abdomen), and natural shoulders (look Ma, no shoulder pads!). As an added bonus, it was within my price range!

So why didn't I buy it? First, I wanted to save money and I desperately need emergency funds. And second, purchasing clothes isn't particularly my priority right now. So, yes, I am fretting. All I have left is to admire it from a far distance! A very far distance.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Event of the Moment: First Day of School!

Today is the day I step into my second year of higher education. And since California has a humongous deficit it still has to close, my college experience definitely took its toll as education budget gets a major slash. This semester included more students per classroom, more expensive books and school supplies (I need a business calculator, whatever that is), and more professors turning down "adding-a-class" pleas.

But I want to look on the bright side. Hopefully, this costly education of mine will pay off in the future. Cross my fingers!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Weirdness of the Moment: Mayo, Please!

In boredom of my newly acquired lifestyle (the dentist specifically told me to refrain from physical labor), I reluctantly watched Chelsea Lately on E! Network. You know me, I'm no big fan of celebrity-driven shows; but there's one bit on this late nighter that shocked, disgusted and baffled me.

Granted, everyone is talking about Kim Kardashian's newly dyed hair (she went blond people!). So to escape her increasingly obnoxious limelight, Kim's lesser-known sisters decided to ditch Los Angeles and set up their own life (and reality show) in Miami. And to amp up the buzz, they went on as to endorse their camera-exploited lives on Chelsea Lately.

On the talk show, host Chelsea Handler reveals that one of the girls, Kourtney, applies mayo "down her Pikachu." Defensively, sister Khloe explains that mayo "moisturizes [the hair] and makes it softer." I am not familiar of mayo's miraculous powers besides the fact that it makes for great sandwiches. But I do know that it gets
greasy and smelly when left unrefrigerated.

I don't know if their irreverent mayo application is true or a bunch of hullabaloos. That didn't really bother me as much as why they named their privates Pikachu. Interestingly, Chelsea calls hers a "caslopous" like it was some sloppy object. Others, I'm pretty sure, gave theirs pretty ambiguous names too. But please spare the little critters of Pokemon. Especially Squirtle.

Activity of the Moment: Third Molar Out

This week is definitely one of my worst weeks. Why, you say? Well, I blame my freaking third molar (a.k.a. wisdom tooth, or more specifically, no. 17 in dentist lingo) for growing horizontally, i.e. it was lying down instead of standing.

On Monday, I went to the dentist to get it removed. It wasn't painful because the dentist happily injected me with anesthesia. But, I have to hand it to him: Never in all my 19 years of living was I forced to open my mouth so wide as to accommodate his equipment inside. I swear, he drilled me ungraciously that spit was flying all over my face. It was so nasty.

The good part, though, is that I never tasted blood nor felt my gum being slashed open. However, one of the assistants did put the suction-thingy on my tongue. That was uncomfortable.

Anyway, I'm on the recovery stage as my swollen cheek starts to lose its inflated glory, and my stitches are closing. I hope I won't look weird when I go to school next week.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Tag of the Moment: The Honest Scrap

I am thankful for Abby (of Abby's in Trouble Again fame) for tagging me. So now, I guess I have to adhere to the rules and regulations lined below to write my entry:

* “The Honest Scrap” award is not one to hold all to your self but it must be shared!
* The recipient has to tell 10 true things about themselves in their blog that no one else knows.
* The recipient has to pass along this prestigious award to 10 more bloggers.
* Those 10 bloggers all have to be notified they have been given this award.
* Those 10 bloggers should link back to the blog that awarded them.

Honestly, I don't know what to write about since I don't like sharing personal stuff (you can call me selfish). In addition, I don't know that much bloggers to tag per the award's instruction. I'll give it a swing and try my best anyway!

10 (Truthful) Things About Me:

1. I am tall. You can't really tell from my profile picture so...yeah.

2. I'm a toothpick but I'm not anorexic or anything...for those of you that are wondering.

3. I have an afro that sticks up 3 inches from my head. That's according to my friends (Shao and Abby!)

4. I am currently eating a ham and cheese bagel simply because I adore bagels! That's a hint for those who want to give me a gift.

5. I am at church on Friday nights.

6. I have a pretty large family, with one sister and two other brothers. I don't talk about them very much because this is my time to shine!

7. I like wearing striped T-shirts; they're classics.

8. I am a victim of poking from a serial abuser named Vera. I let her poke me anyway. (It's fun.)

9. My ultimate wish is to own a jacket from Balenciaga. Unfortunately, with the garment's high price tag, that ain't happening.

10. But for something more feasible, I'll gladly settle for this awesome bag from Missoni's Spring-Summer 08 collection. (YOOX)

There you go folks. The 10 things you need to know about me. Now to fulfill the second part:

Bloggers I Love:

1. Trish of so desu ne - From Disneyland to the bakery she works in, she never tires of parlaying her everyday adventures. How about giving me one of your baked lovelies?

2. Kevin of MY MANy BAGS - He keeps me up to date on what's up in the inner circle of fashion. New trends, new accessories, new everything! I just wish I can afford most of 'em.

3. K of Blog Goggles - I have to say she is one fashion girl with a lot of sense and sensibility. What drew me to her: a whole lotta pep and and a whole lotta humor.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

News of the Moment: Why Python is So Appropriate

Show us some skin!

For fear of being trampled by angry PETA protesters, I have to justify why I believe python is in. No, it doesn't have anything to do with the fact that Vogue is endorsing animal prints for Fall. Nor is it driven by the lack of animal skins in the Fall trends. My interest in this specie actually came from a news feed.

It was to my surprise that this type of snake, a prized reptile to fashionistas and serpent lovers alike, is now a bane to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. According to the LA Times article, the Burmese pythons started invading the Everglades after escaping or being released by their owners.

However, invasion wasn't their only objective. reported that a handful of them became the new predators of the Floridian ecosystem, easily swallowing "smaller species that conservationists are trying to protect, including other reptiles, otters, squirrels, woodstorks and sparrows."

Even the famed Florida gators aren't safe from these creatures: a 13-foot Burmese python actually burst after attempting to swallow a 6-foot alligator. And if that wasn't enough, authorities warn that children take caution when entering the 'Glades.

Currently, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission hired a group of experienced hunters to track down and kill these predators immediately. Although there is no posted bounty for the snakes, I'm sure that those wealthy enough can keep some in their closets.

From top: Platform python sandals by Marni, $508 at; sandals by Chloé, $540 at; pitone tote by Prada, $3300 at; python shoulder bag by Donna Karan, $2170 at

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Video of the Moment: Berlitz Language Learning

The first time I saw this vid, I just had to laugh. Find out more by clicking play. I bet you'd laugh your butts too!

By the way, the first part is just the commander or what have you (the old dude) telling the new guy what each machine is for: "Das ist die..." and so forth. The rest I'm sure you will be familiar. Hope you like it!