Friday, January 28, 2011

Splurge of the Moment: What's Up Doc?

If you haven't realized from the title what I'll be talking about, here's a hint: Bugs loves 'em. A week ago, I ordered a pair of carrot trousers from ASOS, and after a merciless wrestle on my impatience, I have them!

The thing I noticed about online shopping is that the purchasing process is as swift as a click of a mouse. However, online shopping tests people in one skill: delayed gratification. Unlike real-life shopping, online shopping requires people to wait for their orders to arrive to the point of madness. Needless to say, I am very poor in this area, eventually developing a knack for tracking my order every hour or so--despite ASOS' reminder that their standard delivery ships around 7 business days.

I was saturated with glee only a giddy schoolgirl can express.

Ultimately, once the mailman dropped my package, I was saturated with glee only a giddy schoolgirl can express. (OK, I didn't look like that but in my head I felt like that.) I grabbed the scissors and tore up the packaging and beheld in my hands my new pair of pants!

But something wasn't quite right. I felt the fabric and thought it soft. When I checked the "ingredients" tag, I was aghast to see it wasn't 100% cotton as advertised. In fact, it wasn't even made from cotton! Darn ASOS screwed me over. But the good thing is it's not going to be as wrinkly as cotton tends to be that way after several washes.

Other than that, it looks like a good buy! Usually, when I get things on sale, the item's either funky-looking or some of the buttons are missing. But now that I received these trousers, I feel that I got what I wanted.

Video of the Moment: Pringle of Scotland's Snow

I wish it's snowing right now like in this short clip from Pringle of Scotland. This video makes me want to leave L.A.--just for a while--and enjoy some wintry fun. Though it's January, it's sunny in L.A. as of this moment. The sun brings its own style of mirth but the snow is something else. It emulates pure fun.

Want to know more why I want to frolick in the snow? Watch it here.

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Friday, January 21, 2011

News of the Moment: Evangelion 2.0 Screening

This just in: the second installment of Neon Genesis Evangelion's rebuild (a remake to the anime TV series) aptly named "Evangelion: 2.0 You Can (Not) Advance" is playing in Downtown Independent starting January 28.

It's best to bring your otaku hats to the show.

The sequel is much anticipated since the original and redone endings didn't necessarily conclude the Evangelion series. Actually, it did in the mentally fracturing "The End of Evangelion," but fanboys like myself cannot contend with the fact that everyone in the story dies. Compounding that is the "End"'s abstractness: there are parts when clips of reality mesh with the clips of the movie which utlimately felt disjointed. Was it being philosophical, suggesting a moment of reflection? I don't know.

L.A. Times critic Robert Abele thought "Evangelion 2.0" delivers "plenty of orgiastically designed battle sequences, futuristic fortress-themed visuals (cool retractable buildings, Tokyo!) and a deep empathy with the confusion and alienation in its adolescent heroes." However, he warns that those unfamiliar with the TV series may deem it dragging at some points. In sum, it's best to bring your otaku (anime fanboy) hats on before the show.

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Trailer of the Moment: From Prada to Nada

Prada's hallowed name has been tossed around in films, for better or worse. "From Prada to Nada," premiering January 28, 2011, is probably leaning on the worse. The plot, adopted from Jane Austen's "Sense and Sensibility," is already hackneyed. Honestly, how many incarnations of riches-to-rags storylines do we have to endure?

It looks like a nice movie. Just nice.

Also, the image of Mexicans living in the United States is devastatingly stereotyped. In the film the rich girls' estranged family live in East L.A. (as if the everyday Mexican is quarantined in that area), where cholos (gangsters) and seemingly shady characters roam, and where undocumented immigrants run amok at the presence of an immigration official (it was actually a false alarm).

My best bet about this film is the resurface of Alexa Vega, who had her hiatus since the "Spy Kids" franchise, Camilla Belle known for "When a Stranger Calls" (Belle impeccably wore Alexander McQueen above), and Adrianna Barraza who has a history of playing compelling roles (see her in "Babel" and "Amores Perros"). Perhaps I can give merit to director Angel Garcia for trying to elevate the Latino experience in mainstream media. Other than that, it looks like a nice movie. Just nice.

P.S.: Maybe I'll watch this for Camilla. Sigh.

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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Recap of the Moment: Milan Fashion Week Part 2

Alas, there is more to Milan menswear shows than meets the eye. See more below:

6. Costume National - stripes, casual suits, turtlenecks, more gray, bright piping on coats.

7. D&G - product placement, streetwear, candy colors, headphones, American Eagle gone luxe.

8. Versace - darkness, utility belts, textured leather trousers, quilted coats, royal blue (my new IT color).

9. Frankie Morello - pyjama suits, turbans, blankets, mustachioed/bearded ski masks, knit overload.

10. Prada - boxy fit, oversized tops, chevrons, jockey shorts, carrot pants, metallics.

So what are your thoughts? Yay on another resurgence of drop crotch, or nay on oversized boxy jackets? You think colorblocking is the way to go, or just stick to one color à la Versace? One thing is for sure: color is the trend for Fall-Winter 2011.

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Recap of the Moment: Milan Fashion Week Part 1

Part and parcel of greeting the New Year are the Fall-Winter menswear shows in Milan. Venerated periodicals and websites are currently in flux of runway photos and critic reviews. Lucky for you, I am neither a critic nor an editor so I'll spare you the gargantuan essays. Here are my notes of Milan's collections in ten words or less:

1. Marni - earth tones, leather sleeves, colorblocked monk strap shoes, simple silhouettes.

2. Dolce & Gabbana - tailoring, grays, drop crotch, burgundy, fur anoraks, specs, pecs.

3. Burberry - checks, skinny pants, a flurry of produce-colored (carrot, olive, blueberry, peach, broccoli) coats, plastic raincoats.

4. Bottega Veneta - gray suiting, colorific trousers and coats, leather pants (if bad boys wore color, this would be it).

5. Jil Sander - colorblocking, fuchsia, cream, textured shirts, layering (a muted continuation of Spring 2011).

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Monday, January 10, 2011

Splurge of the Moment: 10 Men in Carrot Pants

How long has it been since I flexed my purchasing muscle? Granted, I've been saving for one item. Here's a hint: it's necessary for Southern California. Nonetheless my thrift didn't stop me from trying ASOS, a UK-based fashion emporium that recently opened its American wing.

I haven't done much clothes shopping online primarily because of security issues. But since it's a new year, I am testing the online waters by purchasing a pair of pleated carrot trousers.

Hopefully, Isaac from Isaac Likes would approve...

If you're wondering what "carrot trousers" mean, it's a fancy word for pants that have a loose crotch but tapered legs. It's like a hybrid of skinny pants and regular pants. And hopefully, Isaac from Isaac Likes would approve, especially after his expressed vehemence to drop crotch pants.

Next on my list is a personal accomplishment. I finally bought an issue of 10 Men! I've been raving about this magazine for years, and I've had a habit of stalking it on the shelves of Borders but never really had the chutzpah to buy it. Although it's pretty expensive for a magazine (I shelled out nearly $20 for one issue!), it's a wonderful read, particularly their "176 Men For You" issue which documents important male players in the fashion field. Want a free preview before you buy? is the address to go.

Now that I divulged my sporadic shopping adventures, I must admit that I'm in a rut. All of a sudden, I feel this urge to go for more. What have I done!

Interested in what I'm eyeing next?

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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Feature of the Moment: Hair'd On The Runway

"A new year, a new you." That was my sincerest sentiment to a friend before 2011. Well, it was actually directed to his hair.

My good friend, SJ, has been keenly growing his hair into a purty mane. It's a shame I can't say the same to his beleaguered hairdo; let's just say it's deadlocked to ponytail mode ever since. To herald a new beginning, I took it upon myself to suggest ways to spruce SJ's tresses up. I even added a matching soundtrack courtesy of Willow Smith. Let the hair raising begin!

Let the hair raising begin!

1. The side part from Celine - Long a staple of balding men, this minimal style requires a simple comb over from one side of the head to the other. Gather the hair at the nape and you're good to go!

2. Long hair don't care at Proenza Schouler - Channel grungy or surfer nonchalance with this low maintenance 'do. To achieve it, Stylelist notes to "spritz some Océanique spray to create a crispy finish, and add some gel for a bit of lift." Or you could just roll over from bed.

3. Gone slick at Dries Van Noten - Clean, cool and utterly chic, this look is perfect for the boardroom or the nightclub. All it takes, chimes Fashionising, is "good old-school Brylcreem if you're after a classic wet look." The second is which side to slick it to.

Any suggestions you want to share? Simply drop them by the comments section!

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