Thursday, June 30, 2011

Feature of the Moment: Fall 2011 Campaigns!

Campaign season is running full hilt since August, the time when Fall campaigns usually get their maiden exposure at major publications, is just around the corner. As mentioned previously, Hailee Steinfeld is fronting the Miu Miu campaign, looking very much like a girl playing dress up. Mind you, Steinfeld is only 14; sadly, those padded shoulders and grim color palettes took away this gal's youth. But if it's awkward juxtaposition you want, then this is probably it. Meanwhile, Tobey Maguire stars in Prada's menswear campaign. After ditching the "Spiderman" franchise, it's a logical approach to retain relevance and visibility through the all mighty Prada campaign. Hey, that's how models do it, so why can't he?

To embody the vicious and animalistic collection, the models must turn into one too!

More campaigns are available for viewing at New York Magazine, but Givenchy's deserves special mention. After parading panther prints for the women's show and rottweilers for the men's, it's only fitting that in order to holistically embody the vicious and animalistic collection, the models must turn into one too! Watch Naomi, Natalia, Kristen, Mariacarla, Rob and Jonathan get their power animals on. It looks freaky and ferocious with all that hissing and growling going on, but the total effect is just cool. Or nightmarish. It could easily go both ways.

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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Lust of the Moment: Wrist Candy

Summer is hot. Too hot sometimes. Want to amp up your coolness? Why not try these ├╝ber snazzy wrist ornaments! Not only do they come in eye-popping neons, but they're also the perfect pair for the sports-inspired spring-summer collections. I'm totally digging the Altuzarra bracelet because it recalls backpacking or rock climbing accessories.

They come in eye-popping colors and reflect summer's sports-inspired collections.

As for TKO Orlogi's Slappers, you get to exercise your creativity by mixing and matching straps, dials and capsules. What's even more impressive is the Slappers' price: it's available at the TKO Orlogi website for mere $50.

But if that's out of your budget, consider Lego's (yes, as in the Danish toy building blocks) offering, a wristwatch with interchangeable, reconstructable links and a glow-in-the-dark dial. The price? $23.99 at Kohl's.

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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Thought of the Moment: Crumb-y Love

Ed. Note: This is purely for thought. I have no recent break-up to report!

"Oh you're dating my ex? That's cool! Well, I'm eating a want those leftovers too?! :)"

Crumbs are relegated to the lowest caste in gastronomy. Crumbs are scraped off plates and put in the disposal. They are left for the rats to feast on. They are patted away from our persons simply because they are just too darn crummy to stay on our persons.

It's suffice to say that not many people like crumbs. They are sloppy, meager and rejected. They are leftovers of what was once a whole. So what about people who like crumbs, those who take the time to collect the crumbs and make a new meal out of them? How do we see them?

Looking at the above quote I found, I can't help but wonder why people generally hate on the "crumbeater." OK, perhaps this time the crumbs metamorphosed into a human, an ex-girlfriend, while the crumbeater a successful suitor. Still, is it right to condescend on the ex's new crumb-loving boyfriend?

News of an ex finally snagging a new boyfriend can be a tough bit to swallow....

If you think about it, the new boyfriend should be lauded. I mean, he found a woman that another man no longer needed (of course, this depends on the circumstances of the break-up) or no longer saw a future with, and breathed something new into her. He rejuvenated her sense of love, mended her broken heart, and most importantly, he showed her hope even in times of great hurt.

I'm conscientious about breaking a woman's heart. It really pains me to see a woman so dejected and loveless. Yet, I must confess that news of an ex finally snagging a new boyfriend can be a tough bit to swallow, especially during the grieving process. So my question is: how should I handle this news? Clearly, it is not in my best interest to remain, if not intensify, my sulking. But it's also bizarre to rejoice at my ex's new fling (more so when the relationship actually meant something).

I guess it would be sufficient to say the sincerest "I'm happy for you." The hard part is restraining myself from schadenfreude midway.

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Monday, June 13, 2011

LOL of the Moment: Blingatude

My dad's watching "True Grit" right this moment, and I can't help but wonder who played the role of Mattie Ross. Turns out, it's rising star Hailee Steinfeld! She's a newbie (an Oscar-nominated newbie) to feature films but a quick Google search resurfaced one of her early works, a funny Kmart commercial code-named "Blingatude."

Haven't we all been looking for a man with blingatude?

In response to Hailee's big screen debut, one of the commenters, Falcor37, wrote this: "'Marshall Cogburn, I'm looking for the man who shot my father; I hear that you're a man with...True Blingatude.'" Haven't we all been looking for a man with that exact quality?

P.S.: See more of Hailee in an upcoming Miu Miu campaign!

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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Doc of the Moment: Pretty Boys

Here at Blah?, documentaries are one of my essential must-sees. The latest I watched is this worthwhile film titled "Pretty Boys." It's a tale of that glamorous occupation a lot of starry-eyed men want but can't have because of its unusual requirements (i.e., a pretty face): male modeling. Of course, the documentary goes beyond the stereotypes and delves deeper into the industry and its major hurdles, such as the stress, unpredictability, and most importantly, the harrowing truth that a pretty face can be pretty easy to replace.

It offers you numerous perspectives about the industry, so you know you're gonna get the nitty gritty.

Following a reality show format, the documentary shadows Kelly, an aspiring model, in his pursuit for success. You take a glimpse of what his life is like living in the big city, going back home to his humble country roots, and jet-setting to the fashion capitals of the world. Sure, he's living the dream (I mean, who doesn't want to travel and earn money getting pictures taken?) but you also learn about his constant struggle to earn his place in this fickle business. And it really is business, especially when you see him talk to a booker regarding his present finances.

Also featuring Tim Blanks (of, "Pretty Boys" gives you a 45 minute peek into male modeldom. It offers you numerous perspectives about the industry, so you know you're gonna get the nitty gritty. Still, it's fun to watch Kelly and his adventures. The dude really is enjoyable to watch (read: not stuck up and conceited like another aspiring model) as he comes across as authentic and candid. Eventually, the film gives any career-minded person advise. Take it from Kelly!

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