Friday, July 8, 2011

Revelation of the Moment: How Much are Those Jeans?

The Wall Street Journal always has a place in my fashion journalism heart. From Christina Binkley's latest report, she peruses Los Angeles' fashion industry, dissecting and disseminating the cost structure of premium denim.

It's best to wisen up before swiping....

It's always a good idea to know more about a product's manufacturing and rationalize its cost, because, ultimately, you the consumer will end up with it. So if you're looking for your next Seven jeans or True Religions, it's best to wisen up before swiping. Lucky for me, I'm relieved to know that a generous portion of the revenue goes to marketing--my field--and manufacturing (no sweatshops!).

For an interactive info-tour of denim math, click here!

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Pop Champagne said...

I used to buy $20 jeans... then one day I tried on a pair of lucky jeans (not even premium denim!) and they made a HUGE difference, then i was like okay, these are so much more comfortable... so i was satisfied for a few more years until last year I tried on a pair of true religious, and now I can't get out of wearing them. premium denim does make a difference by a lot!

Nico said...

Wow, that' really interesting! maybe i should try them premium jeans to see the difference. Time to save some moolah!