Sunday, September 18, 2011

Another Quick Vid of the Moment: More Balenciaga!

In a utopian society, everyone would be wearing Balenciaga. It's true! Not only will people embody that futuristic look our forebears dreamt of, but we'll be looking smashing as well. OK, maybe I'm getting well ahead of myself. Balenciaga is, first, expensive. Unless the utopian society I speak of eradicated poverty--which I think will not happen as long as we live in a capitalist system--then we won't be traipsing around in these geometric beauties. Until then, I'd probably settle with what's in my closet, some mesh nets and pieces of cut out trash bags to resemble the outfits in the video.

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Pop Champagne said...

hahaha and every woman would have a chanel bag, that's my utopia!