Saturday, February 25, 2012

News of the Moment: Raf Simons to Leave Jil Sander

Good bye!
The beloved Raf Simons departed Jil Sander. Perhaps he'll head to Dior? Maybe Yves Saint Laurent? Who knows. I'll miss his work in Jil Sander because he elevated modern fashion to newer and newer heights every season; his shows never disappointed for sure. Well, at least we'll still have his namesake line to look forward to.

It'll be interesting how the fashion saga unravels.

In a dramatic twist of fate, Jil Sander the designer is making a third coming to Jil Sander the brand! After her successful stint at mass retailer Uniqlo, it seems Ms. Sander's return to her founding label shouldn't be overlooked. I'm anticipating what sort of minimalism she will present.

In either case, I toast both of their achievements. It will be interesting how this saga unfolds. So much breaking news in fashion lately.

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