Monday, August 20, 2012

Quick Vid of the Moment: Life Without webOS

I am lamenting the loss of webOS. OK, loss is too harsh a word since, technically, the OS is still alive. Not mainstream like webOS die-hards would like it to be, but it's still alive within a niche audience (like me!).

I really believe that there is no other mobile operating system out there that can replicate the multitasking ability of webOS. Not even Apple's iOS can do it. Remember when Apple touted they also have "multitasking" available? Well, it's not even real multitasking like how you do it on a desktop computer.

Frustrations aside, there is hope for this floundering OS! HP just let it go open source, so my best bet is it's going to be the Linux of mobile devices. At the moment, however, the open source version of webOS cannot run on an existing device. The kernel it uses is in a more advanced stage, and there is no device that supports it currently.

But if there's anything that we learn from the tech industry, it's this: the future ain't too far off from today. So maybe in a year or so, some OEM bigwig would manufacture hardware that can boot webOS!

Witness the horrid webOS withdrawal in the vid. Oh the inhumanity!

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