Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Song of the Moment: Smoke and Mirrors

Houdini by Foster the People - I think this is one of those really catchy songs that I've heard so far. To think otherwise means that I probably need to clean my ears. Plus, the video concept is just amazing. I'd want to have those black leotard crew to do my activities, like a ventriloquist would to a puppet. In this case, it's more smoke and mirrors giving the appearance of life to the dead Foster peeps. But wouldn't the carcasses start decaying? I guess that's something you can't fake.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Item of the Moment: Lytro Camera

A new YSL lipstick?
A camera that captures light from all angles? Sounds intriguing! How about a camera that does not have auto focus? Doesn't that sound a bit--for lack of a better word--primitive? Lytro is here to prove both of these are possible with its newest camera. Since it does not have autofocus, it doesn't need a shutter! So all those precious moments are captured in a snap (quite literally I might add!). The camera's special feature is its ability to allow users to focus and re-focus the subject(s) in the images as they see fit. This is made possible because of the camera's ability to absorb light from all angles. See it in action here.

The form factor of the Lytro resembles a big tube of lipstick; this incorporates an 8X optical zoom as well as a fixed aperture of f/2, which means it can work well in low lighting because the aperture is opened so darn wide. Still I'd recommend to use a tripod since there is no built-in flash.

More goodies: it has a very fancy 1.5 inch multitouch screen display, reminding me of how far displays have grown over the years (remember when 1.8 inch was considered big?), an 8 GB internal memory (there is 16 GB available too) to save your snaps, and an 11 "megarays" sensor. To be honest, I have no idea what megarays means, but that's what the product description provided.

For the design aficionados out there, I believe you'd appreciate the construction and shape of the Lytro. It's made out of an anodized aluminum case with a textured silicone rubber grip. The overall effect is very minimal and industrial and totally compact, in my opinion.

The Lytro is now available online. The base model (8 GB) comes in graphite and electric blue and retails for $399. The 16 GB version only comes in red, and retails for $499.

To learn more about the mechanics of the Lytro camera, watch this quick video, care of the folks from Engadget.

Quick Vid of the Moment: Life Without webOS

I am lamenting the loss of webOS. OK, loss is too harsh a word since, technically, the OS is still alive. Not mainstream like webOS die-hards would like it to be, but it's still alive within a niche audience (like me!).

I really believe that there is no other mobile operating system out there that can replicate the multitasking ability of webOS. Not even Apple's iOS can do it. Remember when Apple touted they also have "multitasking" available? Well, it's not even real multitasking like how you do it on a desktop computer.

Frustrations aside, there is hope for this floundering OS! HP just let it go open source, so my best bet is it's going to be the Linux of mobile devices. At the moment, however, the open source version of webOS cannot run on an existing device. The kernel it uses is in a more advanced stage, and there is no device that supports it currently.

But if there's anything that we learn from the tech industry, it's this: the future ain't too far off from today. So maybe in a year or so, some OEM bigwig would manufacture hardware that can boot webOS!

Witness the horrid webOS withdrawal in the vid. Oh the inhumanity!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Trailer of the Moment: A Frozen Flower

A Korean film, this one is. A story of love, betrayal, and being a lackey for the royals to use (in a good and not-so-good way).

You see, Chief Hong Lim has been trained in the royal palace to protect and serve the King--and serve the King he does! But in Yuan-ruled Goryeo, King must produce an heir apparent to save his throne. Not being able to produce an offspring via Queen, he asks Hong Lim to impregnate the Queen. Which then leads to a bunch of dramatic (and violent) events happening.

In either case, it makes for a good summer flick. Just be aware that it is R-rated, so watch your eyes youngsters! There are brutal scenes throughout. Then again the film is set in feudalistic Korea, so the violence is part and parcel of the era. The sensual scenes, meanwhile, are done in a totally tasteful way. Not too crass nor too boom-chika-boom-boom like how they do it in Hollywood. Still, they are very overt.

Lesson learned from "A Frozen Flower": Three is a crowd, so somebody's got to die. Nobody wins on this one, but there is room for debate, as stipulated in the film's ending.

For those who watched the film, what does the ending tell you? Post your thoughts in the comments!

"A Frozen Flower" is available for viewing in YouTube (part 1 and part 2). To view it with English subtitles activate the Closed Captioning feature (CC on the lower right side of the viewing screen), and select English as the language.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Video of the Moment: Micro Beauty...

...in a Roberto Cavalli package. I love the time-lapsed photography of the insects and flora, plus the references to nature. Oh, the clothes looked good too.

Collection of the Moment: Valentino Spring 2013 Menswear

The freshest and sober collection I have seen so far in menswear. Clean, athletic, realistic, easy.

I see that Phoebe Philo's influence seeped into menswear--I know she bases most of her inspiration from menswear, so I guess it comes to a full circle at this point--as seen in the striped trousers that are pressed to perfection, the crisp white shirts with drop shoulders, and the colorblocking on jackets.

As for the accessories, all are understated and stripped back to sleek shapes, sizes and details. No ostentation of any sort; just beautiful, simple clothes for the understated man with a generous bank account.

Quick Vid of the Moment: Prada's Games

What better way to introduce a fall collection than with a tense (and anthropomorphous) game of chess? So much color (and twinkling ornaments, might I add) is introduced to a season marred by the usual suspects, black and neutrals. I gladly welcome the maroons, purples and chestnut shades.

The collection, to those unfamiliar, is based on the dynamics of power and authority. The tailoring is sharp and very strict, only made severe by the brooding color choices and patterns. For some reason the series Game of Thrones came to mind--assuming it was a futuristic and all-female version.

Do you think the video's concept captured the essence of the collection? What do you think of the hair and make-up? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Album of the Moment: Product Designs I Love

Yves Saint Laurent rebrands to Saint Laurent Paris

Pentax K-01 designed by Mark Newson

Cacharel logo

Rochas Man by Rochas

BlackBerry PlayBook

Omnia Coral by BVLGARI

New York Magazine logo

Apple MacBook Air

Celine Phantom

Omnia Crystalline by BVLGARI

Google Nexus 7 by ASUS

Amber Pour Homme by Prada

Arco Tre table

HP's Enyo logo

Sigma DP2x

Noon Studio Tripod table

Nemo by Cacharel

Celine logo

Nokia 7380

Lanvin Sartorial Envelope in python

Zara logo