Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Life, New Look

Now that I'm out of school, my head is focused (well, not always) on finding a job. It's funny how looking for work out of college is a full-time job on its own. Good thing that before I graduated, I already knew where I should be headed (the intricate world of advertising!), and it's amazing how I ended up to that conclusion. Which is by accident by the way.

In mid-December, I thought long and hard whether I want to leave the fashion industry. You know how much I love fashion and its reflection to society, but I made my decision. Hey, at least advertising is in the creative realm, which is what I truly appreciated after interning in fashion showrooms.

Congruent to this new direction I have is my winter closet cleaning! It's funny how clothes reflect an individual's lifestyle and preferences at a certain time period. And looking at my closet is no different. Sadly, I have to let go of some really ratty tees, graphic tees (circa high school?) and jeans (they're hard to let go because they're so comfy!) and outdated blazers (those reminiscent of the power shoulder trend in 2008).

The jackets looked right and on-trend four years ago, but I just can't see myself wearing them, to work notwithstanding. Heck, I tried them on before discarding and it just looked wrong. What kind of psychotropics was I on when I bought them?

Zero + Maria Cornejo Bleecker Street store
Now, my emphasis is distilling a collection of versatile clothes that can transition from casual to professional environments. I also want that hint of uniqueness and quality, so I turn to the queen of odd shapes herself, Maria Cornejo.

Cotton poplin shorts from Spring 2010
Zero + Maria Cornejo menswear isn't very popular, so the prices tend to be very, very attractive on sale. My first Maria Cornejo purchase is the drop crotch shorts that are so comfortable and well made. It has a bias cut on the sides, giving the shorts a very interesting silhouette; frankly, I just like it because I know nobody has those same shorts!

Wool jacket from Spring 2010
The most recent Zero + Maria Cornejo piece I have is a blazer that looks pretty, uh, interesting. It's wearable, of course, but there's a touch of quirk that won't be seen in a Zara or a Gap blazer. There are the invisible slit pockets on the side, as well as fabric protrusions (or slouch?) on the sleeve and front opening that invoke shape to an otherwise linear jacket. Also, the fabric is super lightweight despite its heavy wool content. Maybe it's the lack of lining that makes it so. Oh, I don't know--I only wear it!

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