Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Gadget of the Moment: Philips GoGear Vibe

Before I obsessed about the latest runway looks in New York and Paris, I was very addicted to electronic gadgets. I always researched the latest offering from Nokia, Samsung or Sony. Most of the time, I can't afford any of them because their price tags go up to $199.99! Anyway, I realized that spending a hefty amount on electronics is very impractical. Technology, as I discovered, gets better in a mere blink of an eye. Case in point Apple's line of iPods--they just kept churning newer ones every time!

So after an oversaturation of gadgets, I just laid off the newest tech. Until last week.

For my Christmas present, A, S and L gave me a spanking new Philips GoGear Vibe MP3 player! It's not the hippest MP3 player around and it certainly isn't an iPod, but I just adore it! It is by far the best gift ever. Best gift ever!

After some time tinkering with it, I put in all of my tunes (or at least 258 of them) and started cranking out my jams. The design of my MP3 player is really simple (as shown above) and it works very well. For an added bonus, it displays photos and plays videos (in .smv format)! The screen is pretty small for video playback, but who cares when I can watch all fourteen episodes of Model.Live, and more!

The best part about my newest gadget is its diminutive size. It's light, thin (a huge plus!), and skinny jeans-friendly (an even huger plus!). If I put it in my pocket, I wouldn't even notice it because it's inconspicuously sleek. Also, I wouldn't grab any pickpocket's attention.

Again, a gigantic thank you to A, S, L for this awesome gift!


Abby Kihano said...

Nico !

Glad you liked it! We thought that since you're a commuter... you need music on the go. I mean... cmon TWO hours of train ride! That must be tough for you :P

It's a simple MP3 player but I hope it gets you through college LOL!

we love you nico! ^_^

Manju said...

oohh it looks so sleek, prettyyyyy!!

p.s. i'm kinda bored of twitter already to be honest LMAO ;)

Trish said...

awww yay theyre so nice!!! hooray for nico!! i also got a gadget for christmas, jesse gave me a flip cam corder, a custom one (my design), so niceee hahaha

Jessica said...

Wow, that's one hip gadget right there. And you got it as present? As in you got it for free? That makes it even AWESOMER! Hahaha. Congrats Nico! :)

Nico said...

Hooray for gifts!