Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Personal Rave of the Moment: Isabella and I

A sneak peek of the lake; the trail to Lake Isabella

Yes, it is finally 2010! Happy New Year, everyone! I know, I've been gone for a while so here is my time to catch up. First is an update: unlike previously posted, I didn't go to Toledo, Washington for the rest of December because of unforeseen circumstances. Well, it's actually because the water pipes in the house we were going to rent broke; after Washington's cold weather froze the water, the pipes just gave up. And instead of bathing in the frigid waters of a nearby river, we decided to go somewhere closer--Lake Isabella, California!

My sister and I at Alta Sierra

My vacation/church leadership "camp" was fairly pleasant. For the free day, we went to Alta Sierra to experience snow. A couple of the group went snowboarding (which required serious money for the rentals and lift tickets) while another went sledding (I'm with this group) because, clearly, it is fun and free!

The other days were just plain and included a bunch of meetings on how to make "things better." Oh, and did I tell you that I'm now a part of the youth leaders at church? Needless to say, it is a tremendous challenge on my part. No big hurrah here.

Big house in the prairie

But on the bright side, I did experience the vacant wilderness known as the countryside. Honestly, the town around the lake is so small that it bothers me why people even live there! Plus, the house we were residing in (a huge Mexican-style villa above) literally did not have neighbors. It is so secluded that the closest neighbor is pretty much the whole town. As for the lake's location, it's actually close to the backyard, laced with cows and what not.

Outside and inside the villa

As much as I enjoyed my stay in the middle of nowhere, I did miss the city. The bustling, hustling and busy lives of city folks is what I truly longed for. Fortunately, the huge lights (goodness, you have no idea how much I missed the lights!) and the noxious air and the clogged freeways greeted me back.

I am home.


Farah said...

hahahahhaa you are such a city boy my friend!!

Manju said...

awwww wtf!!! i read the title Isabella and I and I got so excited thinking: omg nico's got a new girlfriend called isabella!!!! turns out it's a lake D: *sulks*

Jade "Purple" Brown said...

it looks so beautiful!

Jessica said...

I totally understand you Nico! I love to be out of town sometimes, but nothing beats the city! I'm city person too! :)

And hey, snowboarding!! I wanna try! But as we know it, I live in a very warm tropical country, so no snow for us! Good to know you had fun! :)

Nico said...

It's really nice and serene there. But honestly, the things you can do is really limited. you can ski up in the slopes or water ski on the lakes. But they don't have a MALL for goodness sake!!!

Oh Manju, you are hilarious. LOL.

Trish said...

awesome vaca! aww i just went snowboarding recently, im glad i dont have to spend alot of $$ since ihave all my equipment, i only need to spend $$ for lift tickets which is sooo not cheap either!

i think being on the country side for awhile is refreshing, but nothing beats being home in the city!!

Abby Kihano said...

oh wow... you went there. i figured there weren't a lot of tree because you were close to bakersfield. but im glad you had fun. but looking at that... i think i wouldve miss the city too :P

Abby Kihano said...

i laugh at manju's comment! nico needs a gf!