Sunday, June 20, 2010

Cheat Sheet of the Moment: Prada Spring-Summer 2011

Prada is the fashion industry's trend barometer. Editors, critics and buyers use the label (along with other favorites like Balenciaga) to indicate the industry's direction.

If you want to hone your divining skills in fashion and particularly menswear, look no further than Miuccia Prada's quirky collegiate intellectualism. Study these looks for future refere

Scrubs: Looking clinical is now cool, sorta. As Kevin from MY MANy BAGS pointed, Miuccia may be a Scrubs fan too!

2. Sole stacking: An inch or two of espadrille and rubber will take men to new heights. This could be a trickle effect from womenswear's long-time trend, the vertiginous (and often dangerous) platform heels.

3. Reflective sunglasses: The collection may leave you pining for medical school (or any school for that matter), but these sporty shades add brawn to the brain.

4. Baggy shorts and trousers: A return to a fuller silhouette down there is imminent. But don't fear; Miuccia added ultraslim fitted pants just in case.

Sure enough, some looks will make you wince. Some of them, I admit, are dorky and a little too scholastic (read: nerdy). But in my books,
Prada will always get an A+ in moving the eye forward.

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Manju said...

oohhh the last model is cute loll

Abby Kihano said...

haha the second photo... the guy looks like he's a male nurse xD funny.

Abby Kihano said...

i should blog about what kinda of genre i am... or like love story. i think im the cute/funny one. hahhaa. im not into too much drama.

reub-envision said...

i didnt know what those were when I watched the show but those glasses (while doubtful on my face) look great!

Nico said...

manju, his name is Mark Cox. I think.