Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Redux of the Moment: Man-Tights

Looks from Rad Hourani, Givenchy and Emporio Armani

A couple of months ago, I reported about one peculiar trend in menswear--tights. It's safe to say that it won't be waning any time soon. Fashion heavywieght Givenchy paraded men in tights for Fall 2010 (paired with man-sandals and sporty coats), and up-and-coming designer Rad Hourani gave an even further pushing of the stretchy bottom (replete with man-heels, 3-inch man-heels to be exact).

More shocking is its resurgence in
Emporio Armani's fetish-cum-neo-Fascist themed Spring 2011 show. Is this one trend you're willing to look forward to? More importantly, should it be paired with shorts or nothing at all?

To check out more of Spring 2011 menswear, go to

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Abby Kihano said...

you're on blogger when you're supposed to be getting ready to come here to eagle rock!? LOL! JK JK

man in tights is HOT!

Farah said...

hehehehhehe man tights! funnieee. hahahhhaa

I sound kinda loopy huh? XD

Nico said...

im sure it's funny for you Farah. After seeing a woman in only that, this must pale in comparison. LOL

Percevalties said...

The collection Givenchy is simply brilliant I find!! I also loved a lot Burberry who proposes a very rock spirit. For the leggings I am completely for I like very much!



Ddays Of Our Lives said...

Dont know if this trend will be followed, even if I find tights for men pretty cool

The Urban Fashion Gal said...

I dont really like tights on men but the black is hot!
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