Friday, November 5, 2010

Lust of the Moment: Native Fitzsimmons

Darn, I fell off my no-shopping policy (and that includes window shopping and online window shopping). Right now, I am ogling and poring over this super fun, colorful, and functional footwear, the Native Fitzsimmons.

The Fitzsimmons is super lightweight because it's primarily made from molded EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate) and a neoprene sockliner. It looks amazing in torch red or any bright color, don't you think so?

It looks amazing in bright colors.

I think I'm having a phase with boots. I never wore boots before but now I love them! And speaking of boots, here are some manly booty-ful looks from Fall 2010: Kenzo, Yigal Azrouël, Bottega Veneta and another Bottega Veneta. Have a great weekend everyone!

Update: The Yigal Azrouël look is actually a long leather sock tucked over trousers. For a moment they looked a lot like boots. My bad.

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Farah said...

Nico! I love it! i think it'll look great on you me thinks ;)

Nico said...

really!? oh man, i gotta save up then :)

myu said...

Like you have a budding interest in boots, I have one for gloves...although I think now, it's more of an interest for scarves, but I can never get them to look right. (I'm probably still in that fashion-awkward stage where nothing looks good.)

I have a friend named Kenzo. He's Japanese, has a stupid hairstyle, and wears cargo shorts, hiking boots and shirts from crazy tees that have Hawaiianesque looks to them (with tribal turtles and sharks and stuff). He walks with his hands in his pockets and a backpack bigger than mine slung over one shoulder...and he walks with his back diagonal, trying to support the weight. That's interesting, because your Kenzo is a fashion designer. The Kenzo at school is the very definition of the word nerd.

myu said...

Oh. Those Fitzsimmons (spelling?) look like they belong on cartoon characters with giant feet.

They look like Yoshi's shoes, actually...or at least, they reminded me of Yoshi's shoes.

Nico said...

Oh Vera, your Kenzo is so amusing. that was hilarious!!

as for your budding scarf-love, well there's nothing wrong with trying things out. so go ahead!

Nico said...

u know what, i think the boots reminded me of something too. it does look a little caricature-ish, which is good coz fashion can be silly!

Wenny Yap said...

Hey, the shoe looks weird but I like it. I'll always prefer Red and I think it'll go well with knee-length dark blue jeans ... very casual.

Nico said...

i like that proposal wenny!!! something easy is what i like esp when its so cold outside.