Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Trend of the Moment: My Life in 3D

I'm sure most of you are aware of the 3D craze sweeping Hollywood. 3D here, 3D there, 3D everywhere! It seems the new focus is in churning more films in 3D--not so much in making ingenious storylines.

To capitalize on this steaming trend, sunglass makers are quickly jumping the wagon to develop their own line of 3D shades. OK, that may sound self-defeating especially when real life is already in 3D, but they're supposed to be your personal pair of 3D specs! Instead of having to settle with the "Buddy Holly-like" lenses movie theaters provide, these sunnies give you the opportunity to assert your personal style. (LA Times) But besides looking awesome watching your sci-fi flick, these shades also reduce waste: theater-issued lenses are reused at least 10 times before recycling.

These sunnies give you the opportunity to assert your personal style.

Some labels launching 3D shades include Look3D for the budget-conscious types, Marchon (which licenses sunglasses to brands like Calvin Klein and Fendi), Oakley, and the mother of all 3D sunglasses, Gucci (pictured)!

As much as these products are gaining hype, there is a catch. The lenses use "passive polarization" technology proprietray to RealD movies. That means they won't work in IMAX 3D or other non-RealD movies. And they certainly won't work in 3D televisions, which use active polarization.

Image from graziadaily.co.uk


Wenny Yap said...

Nice! The shades really looks cool. Never tried on a 3-D glasses before. Wonder how it feel.

ching said...

wow that looks wicked awesome. it's kinda like what Kanye west would wear. haha

ching said...

that would be dizzying if we wear that in real life. haha

Pop Champagne said...

lol. speaking of 3d glasses I hear those 3d tvs if you watch too much of it it gives you a seizure. don't know if that's true or just my dad being paranoid though haha