Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Event of the Moment: Spring Beginning

Mugu Rock
I've been away from the blogosphere for a long time. To my dear readers, I apologize for the slight inconvenience. But if I really had to blame someone/something, it would be school. Anyway, I'm enjoying spring break with friends. I've been sleeping over E's place in Northridge. It's a huge departure from my usual routine, which is to wake up early, travel to school, stay late till my eyes drop out of their sockets, then head home.

It has been a wonderful break because of the fun I've been having with E and my other friend, SJ (he sporadically visits E and I). Yesterday, we went hiking around the canyons when dusk was literally a minute away. It was a relatively bad idea, especially when we didn't have reliable lighting. Nonetheless, the thrill was in the adrenaline rush and the constant fear that a coyote might feast on my body. Alas, I was alive after that test of endurance, and was eagerly rewarded with a bowl of frozen yogurt!

Today, E decided to bring me to his hometown of Thousand Oaks. Yes, the name did remind me of a fictitious city in Pokémon, but it actually came from the fact that the town had, well, thousands of oaks! Again, we hiked a trail that was less treacherous but equally adventurous, eventually catching a lovely view of the town: rolling hills, terra cotta roofs, winding roads, and a massive expanse of trees.

There were waves crashing against rocks, and there was tranquility.

Afterwards, he brought me to Camarillo where I met his dad. We had a hearty meal at Olas (a Mexican restaurant that offered my stomach the burrito it's been craving), then proceeded to a mental-asylum-turned-educational-facility: California State University, Channel Islands. The university was eerily dark, but believe me, it wasn't because it used to be coockoo-ville. Rather, it was because the facility is tucked into the hills, where the fog and mist shroud it with mystery. I, however, loved the Spanish inflected architecture.

Though it has been a very spry week, we didn't return to Camarillo without a peek of Mugu Rock. E's dad recommended we drive there and, boy, was he right. There was a steep cliff, waves (big waves mind you) crashing against rocks, and oddly enough, I felt tranquility. There was darkness but the moon lit the ground. In my opinion, it was romantic. Yet it reminded me of movie scenes where the killer, masquerading as a sensitive and nice guy, turns into a malevolent creature and pushes the girl to the cliff where the waves introduce her to them big rocks. Splat! Anyway, it was time for dessert, so we headed back to Camarillo.

Spring break with E has been a ton of fun. I learned a lot about him during my stay. I also learned about his family and friends--though it was almost like a coincidence that I met them. This is truly a spring to remember. Not only is it the most fun I've had, but because there were so many things that I experienced, learned, met, felt, and enjoyed too. One of them is George Craig, E's British underground rock sensation. Watch his video below!

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betz said...

oh, i can only hope it's spring forever :)

Empire State of Heart

Farah said...

Honey!! I've missed you!! Are you back in the bloggy world?? I missed you!! =s

Nico said...

@farah: I miss you too!!! yeah, i've been busy with school. good thing is it's finals week!!! ok, it's not really "good" but it just means school is gonna be over soon :)