Saturday, May 14, 2011

Videos of the Moment: A Model's Point of View

Models are seen, not heard. That's true especially when they're presence is mostly in the runway or print advertisements where looks are the centerpiece. Luckily, Swide magazine takes us backstage to uncover their oft-stifled voices. In the first video, the male models were asked whether their female counterparts are becoming dangerously thin. In the second video, they were inquired about some ways to fight the global economic crisis.

I must admit that some of them are hilarious and sometimes inaccurate.

Listen to what they have to say, though I must admit that some are flat out hilarious ("Totally too fin!" as one model enthuses) and sometimes inaccurate (especially regarding the economy, some of it is just plain wrong). Want more? Below is a vintage MTV segment (circa 90's?) that interviews both male and female models on the quintessential issue: Are male models really vain?

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Pop Champagne said...

haha some of them are really funny, thanks for sharing!

abby | ybba said...

O_O ohhh this is pretty interesting. i just noticed that the guys are buff and pretty meaty. girls on the other hand ARE really thin. it's scary! lol! CURVES SHOULD BE BACK hehehe!

Farah said...

Welcome back honeeeeeey!! xoxo

abby | ybba said...

im a cheating vegetarian!!! ^_^ maybe i might consider just telling them that im vegetarian . period . but i hate having to be picky when it comes to food when i'm going out with friends. like seriously... every american diet has to have MEAT in them! it's funny how that is... because the perceive beauty in the fashion industry for girls is basically... you eat nothing but basically carrots and celery ! O_o gawdd!

Nico said...

@ abby: hahahaha, now those models are vegetarian by trade. lol