Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Guide of the Moment: How To Sneak Inside Fashion Week

Since New York Fall Fashion Week is just hours away, the Telegraph gladly offered some tricks on how to get a good seat inside fashion's biggest events. Here is the breakdown by cities:

New York: Wear the trends--strong shoulders, military jackets, leather T-shirts; finish the look with "a blow-dry, an Alex & Chloe heart necklace and a thick 'power' belt to cinch the waist." Also, don't forget the high heels!

While in New York remember to...Speak loudly--you’ll get nowhere by mumbling.
Don't...Be late. In New York, the shows start on time.

London: Here, the keyword is dressing down. That means cargo pants, "plenty of jersey," and--am I reading this right?--Nike hi-top trainers. Accessorize with Mulberry's Alexa bag and giant sunglasses.

While in London remember to...Party like it’s 1999. Just remember to wake up for those nine o’clock shows.
Don't...Hide grey hairs--it’s the hue du jour. Even Kate Moss did this!

Milan: Skip streetwear and hop into the most luxurious item in your closet. Finish your wardrobe with sky high heels, a black Fendi bag, and chunky gold jewelry. Clearly, ostentation and a discerning taste is necessary in this city.

While in Milan remember to...Fill up on delicious pre-show canapes. And you thought fashion doesn't feed people, let alone models.
Don't...Wear trainers.

Paris: Interestingly, a British flair is favored in the City of Lights: toss a Burberry trench coat, Breton stripes, and hop out the door with a forgiving pair of Lanvin flats. Don't forget Chanel’s ParticuliĆ©re beige polish, a ChloĆ© handbag, and Lanvin's pearl-and-ribbon necklace!

While in Paris remember to...Nip off to sightsee--it’s rude not to.
Don't...Get hideously drunk. It’s more stylish to sip.

There you go, folks! I hope this distilled version helps. A huge thanks to Molly Gunn (of the Telegraph) for writing this nifty guide!


Farah said...

Nico I really like this guide of yours! But I only wish I could attend the fashion weeks! *pouts*

betz said...

i really loved reading this. early shows are going on here in ny now. some parts of the sidewalks are still icy, best of luck to those Manolos!


Trish said...

awesome guide...nowwww lets do it!

Trop Rouge said...

Oh is that tara Reid in the front row?...random.
ihave been oh so tipsy in Paris ^^