Saturday, February 6, 2010

Activity of the Moment: Grampa Sitting

I went to Granddad's place to babysit him because he had a minor "operation" (that was his word, not mine).

As I trekked my way to his house (because it's atop a hill) it was raining constantly. I did not bring an umbrella (because I was in a hurry--the curse of taking mass transportation) so I ended up soaking wet. Furthermore, it was freezing. When I looked for my gloves in my bag I realized that I was missing a pair!

Can this get any better?

Come next morning, I woke up late and slightly angered Granddad. I was assigned to cook breakfast, but since I was dozing off he didn't bother waking me. Oh, yeah, and he was supposed to go to this lunch meeting at 10 AM! We just started breakfast at 9:30 AM, so clearly he was gonna be late. And did I mention that he had to take me home at that time too?

Needless to say, the morning's already messed up. To compensate, Granddad decided to bring me to his lunch meeting instead of taking me home. I thought, "Great, I'm going to lunch with other people. Just what I needed when I did not take a shower, or fix my bedhead!"

When we arrived to Barragan's (a nice little Mexican restaurant at Sunset Blvd.) Granaddad had the sudden urge to take pictures. He told me to get his camera in his car. I grabbed the keys and went. My mission objective was clear: go to the car, bring the camera and go back to the restaurant. But I took a little detour to fix my sloppy self.

After a few minutes and a little image upgrade, I grabbed the camera, locked the car and left. When I was checking my pocket, I found out that I was missing the keys! Crap, it's inside the car! What the hell happened! Even worse, what am I gonna tell Granddad? I already missed making breakfast, made him late to his rendez-vous, and now, I left his keys in the car!

Talk about misfortune.


Trish said...

ah poor nico, such a bad day =( its okay i think everyone has been having not so good of a day lately these days T_T

so what happen after that!? did you call triple A to get the keys? other relatives to get spare keys?!

Nico said...

yeah, he ended up calling AAA. It's so cool how they open the door. But it kinda scares me coz it's so easy!

Manju said...

just act like a cute little grandson and maybe he'll be less mad. agghhh i hate days like these, everything seems to go bad

Farah said...

oh no! I hope he wasnt too mad at you!

You need a break my friend!

Trish said...

o0o0o0o true, but these days thieves dont even need equipment really, they can copy your car's remote control when they see you use it =O

Abby Kihano said...

Dude, that it is a pretty bad day :[ I'm so sorry Nico. I wish I can help out.

How did you guys get the keys out the car? I bet he was SUPER mad at you!

Don't worry. There'll be other better days. We all get SUPER bad days sometimes.