Friday, August 20, 2010

So this is Rocky

The love of Patrick's life.
I have an evil twin her name is Matisse.
She abducted Patrick and tortured him half to death.
She hit his head on the concrete and forgot who I was!
It was a very sad day. He first called me a butch.
I wanted to slap him. But whatever,
Patrick was slowly recovering and getting his memory back!
Right now, as in THIS MOMENT IN TIME.
Verlotta, my long time frienemy is sitting next to us.
well next to me, sharing a chair with Patrick.
They're singing and i am typing.
Patrick is thirsty. Verlotta is making the Matisse in me come out.
i dont know why i'm writting.
dude, i dont even care about the spelling and the STUPID GRAMMAR.
i did get a freaking A- in English last year.
Mhmm, he's calling this interesting saying he's not going to post it till a long time from now.
but i'm going to press PUBLISH POST.
Rocky, NOT THE 80's BOXER. But Rocky, Patrick's
until next time i guess;;(:
Whatchaaaaaaaaa!! [END WITH A GEORGETTE LOPEZ;]


myu said...

I make the evil in Abby come out...


Nico said...

yes, you did make her evil side come out. a little FRIIIIIGHHHHTENING!