Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Collection of the Moment: Petar Petrov Spring-Summer 2011

First thing I noticed about this show was the smiling dudes! This is very uncommon especially when designers book un-muscular, boyish-looking models. Boys aside, Petrov's collection has all the essentials covered--pants, shirts, jackets--without the usual fashion frou frou.

What differentiates Petar Petrov from the rest of Paris Fashion Week is the unfussy design, eye for color (neutrals are good for sunnier climes), strong tailoring, and down-to-earth styling. Flesh and blood men can adopt the looks with ease.

I'd call it
Jil Sander lite. But the collection has layering down to the core so maybe it's more Marni lite.

Listen to the soundtrack to get a sense of why the models are sporting grins. It's pretty cheesy.

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Ddays Of Our Lives said...

I had the chance to be at the show and indeed it was very fresh to see models smiling!

Pop Champagne said...

yeah so true about the male model here! Usually they look like a bunch of abercrombie dudes!

abby kihano said...


Did you know that you can follow Jess' blog on Blogger and get updates?! It goes for Tumblr too! Isn't that freaking awesome?!

So, for Livejournal I'm following Jess. For Tumblr it's Melly and Kristin :] YAY MUCH?

Oh and I'm not going to the Big Apple! Gosh, I wish! When we're both well off, we should both go! YEAH?

Oh and yes, there's a big chance that I'm going to be moving. That's what's been keeping me busy lately. The whole taking to my family things. I was also in Vegas last week to talk to my aunt about my plan. HEHEHE...

Anyway, sorry I haven't been hanging out with you guys. I'm seriously too broke to hang out with y'all. It sucks. LOL