Monday, August 9, 2010

Flashback of the Moment: Oh To Be Young!

I visited my long forlorn MySpace page, and look what I saw! If I remember correctly, this was in 8th grade. That was when Abby and I (probably) first met at school. Oh the joys of being young and a little bit awkward. You can totally sense that from my posture. I was "freakishly" tall, so you get the idea--it's my ugly duckling moment.

So what have you been unearthing lately?


abby kihano said...

Good times!
I think that was the day I lost my folder. Oh and I was with Chris Mathis then... since he isn't there, he's probably playing football with his friends.

Man, he used to be skinny... now he's just a big round giant. so, i guess you can say that he's in shape because round is a shape. LOL.

i'm really gonna miss these days :[

Trish said...

ahha omggg that means that was a year before i met you both!!?!?!? OMG AHHAHAHA so funny!!!! you grew a lot between those times!

Pop Champagne said...

lol I love looking back at my highschool photos

Wenny Yap said...

Sometimes flashback brings unwanted or uncomfortable experiences. But I guess doing this would definitely help us to accept the past, learn from it and make a better present for a fantastic future.

You definitely took like you have evolved into a hunky dory huh?