Saturday, June 25, 2011

Thought of the Moment: Crumb-y Love

Ed. Note: This is purely for thought. I have no recent break-up to report!

"Oh you're dating my ex? That's cool! Well, I'm eating a want those leftovers too?! :)"

Crumbs are relegated to the lowest caste in gastronomy. Crumbs are scraped off plates and put in the disposal. They are left for the rats to feast on. They are patted away from our persons simply because they are just too darn crummy to stay on our persons.

It's suffice to say that not many people like crumbs. They are sloppy, meager and rejected. They are leftovers of what was once a whole. So what about people who like crumbs, those who take the time to collect the crumbs and make a new meal out of them? How do we see them?

Looking at the above quote I found, I can't help but wonder why people generally hate on the "crumbeater." OK, perhaps this time the crumbs metamorphosed into a human, an ex-girlfriend, while the crumbeater a successful suitor. Still, is it right to condescend on the ex's new crumb-loving boyfriend?

News of an ex finally snagging a new boyfriend can be a tough bit to swallow....

If you think about it, the new boyfriend should be lauded. I mean, he found a woman that another man no longer needed (of course, this depends on the circumstances of the break-up) or no longer saw a future with, and breathed something new into her. He rejuvenated her sense of love, mended her broken heart, and most importantly, he showed her hope even in times of great hurt.

I'm conscientious about breaking a woman's heart. It really pains me to see a woman so dejected and loveless. Yet, I must confess that news of an ex finally snagging a new boyfriend can be a tough bit to swallow, especially during the grieving process. So my question is: how should I handle this news? Clearly, it is not in my best interest to remain, if not intensify, my sulking. But it's also bizarre to rejoice at my ex's new fling (more so when the relationship actually meant something).

I guess it would be sufficient to say the sincerest "I'm happy for you." The hard part is restraining myself from schadenfreude midway.

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Robots in Trouble said...

damn... so does that mean that i'm a crumb? lol. i used to tell people who wants to get back with their ex to "never pick on their own leftovers".

other than that... it's okay for other people to pick on someone else' left overs... hahaa... that sounded kinda horrible huh?


Emz said...

hmm.. let's face it, it's difficult to find a virgin (i.e. someone who has never had a bf/gf -- unless they hadn't hit puberty yet), so most people may be considered exes by someone or other.

therefore, we should narrow down the crumb-munching and leftover-taking comments for friends (or ex-friends) who pounce on your exes (or current bf/gf).

wouldn't you agree? ;)