Thursday, June 30, 2011

Feature of the Moment: Fall 2011 Campaigns!

Campaign season is running full hilt since August, the time when Fall campaigns usually get their maiden exposure at major publications, is just around the corner. As mentioned previously, Hailee Steinfeld is fronting the Miu Miu campaign, looking very much like a girl playing dress up. Mind you, Steinfeld is only 14; sadly, those padded shoulders and grim color palettes took away this gal's youth. But if it's awkward juxtaposition you want, then this is probably it. Meanwhile, Tobey Maguire stars in Prada's menswear campaign. After ditching the "Spiderman" franchise, it's a logical approach to retain relevance and visibility through the all mighty Prada campaign. Hey, that's how models do it, so why can't he?

To embody the vicious and animalistic collection, the models must turn into one too!

More campaigns are available for viewing at New York Magazine, but Givenchy's deserves special mention. After parading panther prints for the women's show and rottweilers for the men's, it's only fitting that in order to holistically embody the vicious and animalistic collection, the models must turn into one too! Watch Naomi, Natalia, Kristen, Mariacarla, Rob and Jonathan get their power animals on. It looks freaky and ferocious with all that hissing and growling going on, but the total effect is just cool. Or nightmarish. It could easily go both ways.

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Pop Champagne said...

I can't believe they're already launching their fall campaign and it feels like summer just began!

Nico said...

@ pop: I know!!!! sometimes i can't catch up on the whirlwind of fashion. but i think that's what makes it fun. :D have a good one!!!