Monday, June 13, 2011

LOL of the Moment: Blingatude

My dad's watching "True Grit" right this moment, and I can't help but wonder who played the role of Mattie Ross. Turns out, it's rising star Hailee Steinfeld! She's a newbie (an Oscar-nominated newbie) to feature films but a quick Google search resurfaced one of her early works, a funny Kmart commercial code-named "Blingatude."

Haven't we all been looking for a man with blingatude?

In response to Hailee's big screen debut, one of the commenters, Falcor37, wrote this: "'Marshall Cogburn, I'm looking for the man who shot my father; I hear that you're a man with...True Blingatude.'" Haven't we all been looking for a man with that exact quality?

P.S.: See more of Hailee in an upcoming Miu Miu campaign!

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abby | ybba said...

ive never even heard of true grit until it came out on dvd O-O and it doesn't look like something I would watch.


Pop Champagne said...

your dad is watching true grit? my sister loves that show but I've only seen a few epsoides! btw love the pretty boys you posted in your previous post!

Nico said...

@ pop: hahaha, 'true grit' is a movie. maybe your sister is watching 'true blood'??? XP

Belly B said...

Hahah I am definitely going to be using that from now on. True blingatude lol.

<3 Belly B

Pop Champagne said...

ohhhhh yeah it is true blood! haha