Thursday, December 22, 2011

Look of the Moment: Fruit Loop

From left: Prada, Marni, Jil Sander and Bottega Veneta
When I first came to my internship, I thought I'd be wearing a suit and tie combo three days a week. In reality, I get to wear my usual street clothes! Working in fashion is a sartorially liberating experience because you get to enjoy dressing. As long as the effect is tasteful, it's always a green light ahead. To give you an example, whilst some of my colleagues don a cool jeans and T-shirt look, a couple of the ladies dabbled in sheer and integrated filmy tops in their wardrobe (they paired the tops with a colorful bra and a jacket for coverage).

I reveled at how I wouldn't dare wear the same clothes to other occasions.

Because of the insouciant dress code (I actually think there is none), I'm beginning to experiment a little bit. Of the Fall 2011 trends that I saw, I chose to incorporate colorblocking. You might argue it would be easy for me because I love fashion and have a quasi articulation of all the colors that traipsed down the catwalk. Quite frankly I thought that too, but let's face it: I am no color dude.

But here I was, in front of my closet, ready to pick an orange henley, blueberry wide-legged pants, a cream blazer with the slightest (and I mean it's almost invisible) pattern, and a screaming yellow parka reserved for the blistering thunderstorm. And I wore them. At the same time.

It's nothing extreme, but I thought about it for a moment and reveled at how I wouldn't dare wear the same ensemble to other occasions. It's too colorful for church, it's too dressy for school, and it's too kooky for business events. But you know what, I had fun with it. I walked down the financial district and many people looked at how bon vivant and kick butt I looked.

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