Wednesday, January 25, 2012

News of the Moment: Fall 2012 Menswear Highlights

It's an inevitable truth that fashion is in a constant flux of change. It's also a truth that menswear hasn't changed that much in the last century. So how do these contradictory things reconcile?

What's new for Fall? New colors, new fabrics, new silhouettes.

Right this moment, I am gushing at designers that are actively renewing the vision of what men should consider wearing. It may be as simple as introducing new colors, using different sorts of fabrics, or even experimenting with silhouettes. Some of my Fall 2012 highlights include:

Lanvin - color blocking, utility with the puffer-jacket-and-coat combo, mini briefcases that lend an air of professionalism, and the shifting shoulder.

Rick Owens - the brand's staple man-skirts gets a new whirl, high-waisted trousers with dropped crotch, leather jackets, and a shamanistic attitude to boot.

Raf Simons - youth culture, horse hair as accessories, ombre color effects, oversized sweaters and jackets, and winter shorts that adds a sporty vibe to the collection.

Bottega Veneta - more colors but this time the selection has matured, classic tailoring, and a smart use of color patches on suits to rev things up.

Jil Sander - black on black on more black, leather suiting that's super sleek and shiny, Jil Sander-branded paper lunch bags, and humorous collars that relieves a rather serious mood.

Gucci - velvet jackets, jewel tones, floral prints in masculine colors, and lounge-y sophistication.

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