Friday, August 21, 2009

Weirdness of the Moment: Mayo, Please!

In boredom of my newly acquired lifestyle (the dentist specifically told me to refrain from physical labor), I reluctantly watched Chelsea Lately on E! Network. You know me, I'm no big fan of celebrity-driven shows; but there's one bit on this late nighter that shocked, disgusted and baffled me.

Granted, everyone is talking about Kim Kardashian's newly dyed hair (she went blond people!). So to escape her increasingly obnoxious limelight, Kim's lesser-known sisters decided to ditch Los Angeles and set up their own life (and reality show) in Miami. And to amp up the buzz, they went on as to endorse their camera-exploited lives on Chelsea Lately.

On the talk show, host Chelsea Handler reveals that one of the girls, Kourtney, applies mayo "down her Pikachu." Defensively, sister Khloe explains that mayo "moisturizes [the hair] and makes it softer." I am not familiar of mayo's miraculous powers besides the fact that it makes for great sandwiches. But I do know that it gets
greasy and smelly when left unrefrigerated.

I don't know if their irreverent mayo application is true or a bunch of hullabaloos. That didn't really bother me as much as why they named their privates Pikachu. Interestingly, Chelsea calls hers a "caslopous" like it was some sloppy object. Others, I'm pretty sure, gave theirs pretty ambiguous names too. But please spare the little critters of Pokemon. Especially Squirtle.


Abby Kihano said...

eh, i'm not a fan of those shows either. i love the pikachu picture though :]

Trish said...

mayo can be used for a hot oil treatment on hair, i dont know about putting it somewhere else though!!! thats odd haha!!

btw i replied to your comments in my blog!

Nico said...

No way, Trish! What the heck does mayo do? For me, it'll only go to my sandwiches. That's it.

Trish said...

its the oil in it, its rich in oil therefore nice for hot oil treatments =D

though i use real conditioner to do hot oil treatments at home

also you can use avocado for hot oils !!