Monday, August 24, 2009

Event of the Moment: First Day of School!

Today is the day I step into my second year of higher education. And since California has a humongous deficit it still has to close, my college experience definitely took its toll as education budget gets a major slash. This semester included more students per classroom, more expensive books and school supplies (I need a business calculator, whatever that is), and more professors turning down "adding-a-class" pleas.

But I want to look on the bright side. Hopefully, this costly education of mine will pay off in the future. Cross my fingers!


Abby Kihano said...

hey luhver,

i hate this whole california budget thing. i'm affected in a tremendous way :/ my tuition went up. i mean i know it's not much, but i hate asking for money from my aunt. grrr. and i'm sure you hate asking your parents fro tuition money either.

just wait, we'll buy our love ones houses when we're older.

so you'll have your business and i'll be a nurse in the hospital! right? so then at night when we're not busy we'll go hang out first class on everything ;] oh yeahhhh!

anyway, as for now, we still need to study our crazy brains off. good luck in accounting class! and i'm gonna need lots of luck in bio! :] but i like bio so HOPEFULLY i pass! *fingers cross*

okay, i luh you luh you luh you!


p.s. hang out on friday!
p.p.s. i dunno wat to do on friday :/

Trish said...

& also what i dont understand is WHY they make you take classes that you will NOT be using in your future career/profession, it drives me insane!!

i mean why the hell take trigonometry or whatnot when youre going into nursing when all the math you need are the simple plus, minus, divide & the fractions

Abby Kihano said...


Manju said...

and that's exactly why i said karl's a douche ;)
thanks for dropping by my blog! ^^

uurrrghhhh i'm also having to do with increased tuition fees, so i can really feel your pain.

Nico said...

Abby, yes, we'll be rich in the future and work our butts til they don't exist! And that's true Trish, I don't even need to take geography, but I guess I have too coz it's "GE". And to Manju, no problem! I'll drop by anytime. And thank you for empathizing!