Thursday, August 27, 2009

Activity of the Moment: Aerobics

I don't like exercising. I don't like running. I don't like hitting, dribbling, or throwing balls of any kind. I don't like losing. And most definitely, I don't like wearing athletic shoes. But, I do like to mess around and look like I'm dancing!

This semester, I decided to kick off my stagnant summer ass and take a fitness class--aerobics! Aerobics exercise is meant to be a low to moderate intensity activity that gets the whole body pumping. Today, I did the lower body crunches, and added moves for the arms and chest. Also, I did a handful of stretching, deep breathing, and jumping.

It does sound effortlessly easy, however don't say it's a piece of cake.

I agree that almost everyone could just jump around and kick like Jackie Chan, but there are aspects that require thought. Some moves, for instance, are confusing and cause you to get out of tune. If you have two left feet just like I do, then you know how that feels. Add really fast club music and everything just falls out of place.

But it is not disappointingly confusing. Remember to pay attention and maintain your pace. The main goal is to keep your heart pumping and your muscles moving. There requires no running (there are jogs, though), no balls (at least nothing at 95 mph speeds), and no losing (it ain't no competition, people!).

Despite all those comforting facts, I do have to exercise in athletic sneakers. Unfortunately, it's a requirement


Trish said...

ohh i hate exercising too, unfortunately we gotta do it!!

i like doing aerobics on the wii fit though hehehehe

i also wouldnt mind taking a yoga class

Y O G A said...


Nico said...

YOGA aka Shao: No, I am not taking yoga! LOL