Thursday, April 15, 2010

Lament of the Moment: Ugly Betty Series Finale

Yes, I watched it. I watched it this morning before going to school (thank God for DVR), and forced the tears back. Honestly, I believe the finale really gave closure to the series. Sadly.

My only complaint is that the whole plot is rushed. Back in the old days of
Betty, major events happen for a reason. Perhaps this time, the major reason is cancellation. Why, ABC! Why must you cancel this terrific show!

I'm really gonna miss the characters, and everything they contributed. They really are one of the best fictional people I know (and I don't know a lot). Nevertheless, their reach is immense in real life. Goodbye ole chaps!

To watch the series finale, go to Hulu. The last five episodes are available for viewing.

What're you waiting for? Go ahead and relish every Betty-fic moment!


Manju said...

TELL ME HOW IT ENDS!!!!! Like who ends up with who?? i have too many eps to watch, too lazy to, n no time at all lol

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

Heading over to HULU and watch the final finale.... Awww...goodbye Betty. What are you planning on watching now that Betty's said goodbye?

Nico said...

Manju, there's alot of subtlety to the episode. I can't really say someone ends with someone. You have to watch it!

Mel, iono what to watch after Betty. Good shows come and go. Good thing is RERUNS!!!

Farah said...

I know right? It was all really rushed! I was hoping for some more closure between Betty and Daniel but I guess they couldnt fit it all in into one episode. =(

But I really do hope that another channel picks up Ugly Betty and goes from there! I am really hoping and keeping my fingers crossed. who knows!