Friday, April 30, 2010

Mood of the Moment: Catching Up

I am catching up on a lot of things. First is homework, projects and all the reading my professors gave. The next is Blogger!

It sounds weird how I manage to put my hobby (blogging) in my to-do list. But if you notice on the archive section, I've devised a plan to
evenly blog in a month! This year, I post at least 5 entries a month. And for April, it doubled!

I don't like uneven numbers, so this post will make everything in multiples onf five. Obsessive compulsive much?

On a side note, I started following this special blog Sex. Muses. and Reality. Do take the time to check it out. It's about fashion--the sexy, mysterious, and a bit dark side of it. But don't be afraid, use the force!


Trish said...

haha youre so silly nico! but i need to catch up on some blogs as well!!

Amu said...

im always looking forward your new post, Nico! :D

Manju said...

imma check it out nowwww lol
NICOOOOOOOOO!!!! why arent u on twitter?????

Nico said...

Sorry Manju, no twitter for me. It's too much. I can't even handle FB! LOL.