Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Find of the Moment: The Male Model Life

Many blogs and videos are dedicated to female models. They usually document the girls' travails, personal life, and everything in between. So what about male models? Do they lead an equally thrilling life as the girls?

Luckily, an article in
New York Magazine unearthed just that. Mike Albo, the writer, followed Petey, AJ and Nico around town to witness the ins and outs of male modeling. Here's a summary:

1. Model apartments are carrrazy: But not in the America's Next Top Model way. "'It’s nuts at those places. They charge like $1,200 a month for a bunk bed,' he says. 'There’s all these rules, and the guy who runs it is tense.'" Oh, and there's this permeating smell of pot, and
there's nary a food available!

2. Walking the walk: "Unlike the female models who lean back and clomp down the runway, the men just walk like they were caught thinking about vanilla." This sounds easier said than done. Then again, these men are pros--anyone else caught thinking of vanilla may not get the same effect.

3. Fabulous job, but what about the pay: "The only hope of making ends meet is to book an ad campaign or catalogue job. But even those are less lucrative than they once were." And for runway work, their paychecks come in trade such as "a free sweater and sneakers from Duckie Brown and a $1,000 credit at
rag & bone." Perhaps this demystifies the whole diet thing.

4. The prevalent myth: Just as female models have myths (like being overbearing, throwing diamond-encrusted cellphones, scratching people and what not), male models have one too! "Almost all of the male models I meet seem straight. 'Gay models will go down in history as the biggest misconception about the male modeling world,' says Ferguson."

5. Yet they seem to fend off the females: So they're not all gay. But why the rift between the girls? "The women are preened over by stylists, surrounded by fashion reporters, while the guys just hang around and smoke....'They seem, I don’t know, really serious,' says AJ.
" This pretty much means no access until the show's over.

There's actually a video about model casting in Emanuel Ungaro. A reporter interviewed some men in hopes of uncovering the life of the mythical male model. And boy is it hard to be a man! Mystery solved.

Update: Want more tales about male modeling? Isaac of Isaac Likes wrote a sordid piece about the industry. Read it here.


Farah said...

most of them are straight. Now that is a shocker! yeap I am stereo typing. whoops!!

Sex.Muses.Reality said...

that fucken sucks!! 1,000 credit to Rag and Bone

forget that, you would think that male models would get the same recognition as the females.

Trish said...

i never even thought about them being gay! haha is that weird? i've always thought they would have fun though walking through the runways!