Thursday, April 8, 2010

Series of the Moment: Ugly Betty

I haven't watched episodes of Ugly Betty in a super long time. Sadly, the series is going to be canceled: the show hasn't had superb ratings lately. Which is weird because there's always a message behind every episode! There is depth to this series; the characters somehow epitomizes modern America because it represents all sorts of people. In addition, the plot is very unsuspecting. There's so many cliffhangers and twists, it's sure to keep your head glued. And the good part is Ugly Betty's producers didn't have to resort to all the sexual canoodling that others showcase.

I will absolutely miss the series. Then again, that means I can catch up on all the drama of seasons past at Mode magazine! The series finale airs next Wednesday, 10 PM Pacific Standard Time at ABC7. Till then, Betty!

My recommendation: "All the World's a Stage" - this episode hits it home with themes of self-identity a.k.a. keeping it real. Of course, there's a ton of laughs too like Amanda's "I peed a little bit." That one cracked me up. To watch the full episode, go to Hulu!


ChinkyGirLMeL said...

Oh really? They are going to cancel the show? Awwww...Goodbye to Ugly Betty. Looks like I'll have to find something else to watch to kill the time.

Farah said...

Whaaaaaaat??? Last episode already?!

I love that show *sigh*

Abby Kihano said...

i kinda was starting to like ugly betty but then i was all sad when i found out that they were canceling it. what a bummer :[

Trish said...

i never watched ugly betty, although when i first saw it on tv (commercials) i told myself "maybe i'll watch this" but i ended up not watching it ahhh oh well!! i dont like the filipino vrs of this

Nico said...

yep, it's a really wonderful show. others may complain, but the storytelling is smooth, and titillating.

kudos to the writers. I know the last few episodes were kinda forced, but that's what happens when creativity ain't free.