Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Event of the Moment: San Diego

Yes! I finally went on a legit vacation! So after some rants about being stagnant at home, I went with Gramps to San Diego.

It was nice to view new scenes and go people watching around SD's pier. But what really tickled my fancy was how badly dressed tourists really are. And that includes me!

Here are some prominent items tourists were wearing:

1. Teva sandals - sometimes with socks, sometimes with no socks. Either way, it looks bad.

Aerodynamic reflective sunglasses - supposed to deflect the sun's rays but somehow they're out of place. You're not in Tour de France, people!

Distraught faces - I saw myself sporting this expression when I tried boarding the trolley system. It's the face most locals love to see.

Speaking of trolleys, I thought they were trains at first because of the configuration. It's odd to see locals actually run after the "trains" because a) it is dangerous; b) it is illegal to do so in some cities and; c) there's no guarantee it's gonna wait for you.

But I will say that San Diego is a nifty, clean, charming place to live in. It's just not my scene since I'm more into the gritty stuff L.A. proudly offers. And now for pictures!

On the way to downtown with a trolley on right

Petco Park where San Diego Padres play

Mural commemorating safe return of WWII heroes

USS Midway, an aircraft carrier used in WWII. Now a museum

Star of India, a galleon

Some hotels and office buildings around the pier. My fave is the blue building to the left

P.S.: I didn't get to go to the San Diego Zoo or Sea World or Coronado Island. Maybe next time!


Trish said...

awesome! i saw the pics on FB & my first thought was "oooooo nico went on a vaca!!!!" ahahah im so silly! but thats interesting about the trolley! im supposed to go to SD as well, but unsure if we still want to of if we want to go up north instead! hmph!

& i think those teva sandals only looks good on lil kids who cant keep regular sandals or flip flops on their feet! haha

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

Great pictures Nico!

Wenny Yap said...

It's nice to go on vacations. Try to relax more and not wandered off into observations. Anyway, like the night scene pic.

Pop Champagne said...

I've never been to SD before but I've heard of their infamous zoo. Nice pics, would love to go there someday! and lol tourists dress bad everywhere!