Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Update of the Moment: Booze and Boobs!

Last week, a couple of friends gave a treat for my birthday. And the treat was alcohol! I tried wine before and thought it tasted like expired grape juice; beer was a lot like wheat grass juice; but I never tried the hard stuff so it was time for me to. After I drank shots of vodka (Smirnoff), Jäger and beer (as my ill-chosen chaser), I instantly became flushed and very, very uncoordinated. Like my head was spinning when all I'm doing is standing up.

So that was my introduction to alcohol. And surprise, surprise did it leave a lovely souvenir! After the "party" I threw up all the toxic nasty of aforementioned beverages (at the comfort of my home), and got rashes. That was the time I learned I am
alcohol intolerant. Also known as when I drink alcohol, I'll surely get allergic symptoms. I still have some rashes left over from last week. And it is unbearable!

And if you were wondering what the "boobs" are about, New York Fashion Week showed a couple of them. Fall 2010 is the season of busty, demure chests but the Spring 2011 treatment is about flaunting them. See
Marc Jacobs for sheathed chests, Altuzarra for patched poitrines, Yigal Azrouël for see-through, and rag & bone for boob suspenders.

And enjoy the Florence + The Machines' music video, "Dog Days are Over." I call it the "Eat Pray Love" theme song.

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Farah said...

Darling you are so adorable! I wish I could just squeeze ya! hahahahahhaa hope you are feeling much better though by now..hugs

Anonymous said...

What, you are alcohol intolerant? What happens now when I come and visit? I mean, we should at least party and go clubbing right, especially now that you guys are already legal! :)

Happy belated birthday!

Nico said...

@ jess: virgin drinks shouldn't be THAT bad ryt??? well, at least i know now before we hang out and then all of a sudden i get all rashy and itchy on the dancefloor. LOL

@ farah: im feeling much better now! thanks :) one more day though until it completely disappears.

Sex. Muses. and Reality said...

Well I would hate to be you... I'm married to my flask.

Sorry about the unfortunate reaction. I didn't know that could possibly happen. !

Anonymous said...

Ya just made my morning you know that?

De Niro, Pacino, Pesci in a chick flick? NOT a bad idea. You know, for a change? Hahaha.

Yes, yes, yes, I am in love with mob movies. Even books! I don't know, I'm very curious about the whole mafia organization. And men in expensive suits, dang, i don't know, I find them very appealing! Wirdo much? Anyway, you have to watch The Godfather series even just once before you die. Just cover your eyes and ears in fight scenes. :)

Pop Champagne said...

first time I had hard alcohol at 19 I had to be carried out of the strip bar, then I puked on my friend's car... but on the outside, not when I was in!

lol gaga and her crazy shoes, no wonder she trips all the time during her performances!

Wenny Yap said...

Hey! Happy Belated Birthday!! I'm so surprised that you've never acquired the taste of hard liquor. Well, good for you that you're alcohol intolerant ... it's a solid excuse everytime you go partying.

ching said...

i have a friend who developed a rash after her first time with alcohol too. it was mostly around the neck and chest. after that we never gave her anymore.haha sometimes the body takes some time to getting used to it.
listen to more of Florence + the machines. she has an amazing album. :)
i am now your new follower.

Pop Champagne said...

thanks for your comment! btw I forgot to say last time, yeah i don't understand the sheer and showing off your boobs thing. you can never wear that out on regular basis or even to a dinner party, people call that a wardrobe malfunction!

myu said...

What'd I tell you about alcohol intake?!

Tsk tsk tsk!

myu said...

Oh, and look! Just 'cause you can't drink it doesn't mean vodka's totally out of your life forever (unless you want it to be) but here: