Wednesday, September 29, 2010

OMG of the Moment: On Burberry's Heels

Burberry's Spring-Summer 2011 show was probably the most painful to watch. The clothes were a little heavy on the studs and rock 'n roll, but the big black elephant in the catwalk would probably be the heels that sent model Nina Porter on her knees. It wasn't the best sight to see, but kudos for her willingness to finish the walk.

Porter's struggle with the shoes was apparent when her right arm started stiffening, perhaps in an attempt to steady herself. On the last leg to close the show, she lost balance and tumbled on the runway. Surprisingly, it wasn't only her that found the shoes uncooperative. Some models took the perilous eight-inch heels off.

It was a pairing of tough biker jackets and lithe dresses.

Back to the clothes, it was a predictable pairing of tough biker jackets replete with spikes (how edgy!) over lithe silk dresses. Of course, Burberry wouldn't be complete without the trademark trench coats. Christopher Bailey remodeled the Burberry trench into a zipped coat/mini with "motocross sleeves." (Style)

There isn't anything revolutionary in the collection (save for new non-earthy colors like brilliant eggplant, avocado green and, my favorite, electric blue), yet the fluorescent belts wrapped on dresses and coats reminded me that there is something new, even a wee bit, for the trench-centric brand.

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ching said...

she finished it with her head held high..goodness those shoes must be unbearable.

abby | ybba said...

dude, that was a pity fall. i feel so bad for her. but i give her props for finishing the walk.

dude burberry is so expensive. i went window shopping at an outlet and saw their scarfs were like $200. haha. me and julien almost had a heart attack man!

ching said...

hi nico. haha thanks for the heads up about the Fall weather in the north. and yep, i'll be heading to the north. I think i won't be seeing oceans in Scotland, or maybe there is?..haha

Shane Bailey said...

I watched the live stream of the show and every model seems unable to walk~

Wenny Yap said...

Who with the right frame of mind would wear an 8-inch heel ... the highest I've ever worn was a 6-inch!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Abby, that was one bad fall. But then, even modelling giants like Naomi Campbelle and Jessica Stam have their fare share of shameful runway moments. This tells us one thing: models are also human beings; they too have legs that give up on sky-high heels. :)

Ddays Of Our Lives said...

Beautiful shoes are always not walkable, always!