Thursday, December 23, 2010

Archive of the Moment: Zara in Hollywood

This was one of my early posts about Zara coming over to Hollywood. It's interesting how I saw things differently back then (actually it was just last year). I don't know how to describe it though. Anyway, below is my account of my first visit to Zara:

I haven't been out for a while so I decided to head to my second favorite spot (first place goes to Eagle Rock), Hollywood/Highland. The mission: to score one of them quarterly magazines from H&M. Unfortunately, as soon as I stepped onto Hollywood Blvd., I immediately failed my assignment.

The perpetrator: Zara

Little did I know that the space bombarded with scaffolding right next to H&M is now the new Zara store. And since Zara is pretty new here in Hollywood, I thought it would be a great idea to tour the place, to get the feel and ambience of the Spanish label's version of fast-fashion.

Frankly, I was overwhelmed by all their offerings!

On the first floor, I saw Fall dresses, thick jackets, faux fur, and a myriad of platform heels. On the second floor, I viewed racks and racks of men's coats, and some more jackets and shoes. Frankly, I was getting overwhelmed by all their offerings that I didn't know where to start. Then again, my mission wasn't to go there in the first place.

As I perused their coats (because I deem it necessary for Fall), I discovered that their price range is lightyears away from me! I was so disappointed to get this realization. But, that didn't prevent me from discovering more of what Zara has to offer. They have faux fur-collar coats at $279 (!) a pop, and cadet jackets that suggest Sergeant Pepper and his ilk. Also, they have hi-top trainers that I thought would look great on me.

Alas, no cash means no shopping. But on the positive side, Christmas is on the horizon. That means cash, and hopefully lots of it!

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paperwhales said...

God, I wish Zara exited in San Diego. There's something I want from Zara, but the closest one to me is in Costa Mesa/Irvine. I might ask to do a phone order, but I'm not sure if they do that. If not, I guess I'm gonna have to drive!

Shane Bailey said...

no zara store in hollywood before this one?! anyway, zara is a good place to find big desginer inspired pieces like their balmain inspired pieces from this past winter:) best of all, their stock changes very two week so there's always something new to browse~~

ching said...

there's no Zara here in Cebu but when i got to Manila and saw it there, i was immediately drawn by it and had to try the coats on.. then went away coz i was scared by the price.haha

Pop Champagne said...

I love Zara! I can't wait to go shopping in Vancouver so I can go visit Zara :D hope you are having a great holiday

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

Hey Nico! I am super excited to step inside Zara and check it out myself. I will be back in California this Feb 27, 2011. First week of March I will be in Vegas and LA. =)