Friday, December 17, 2010

Mood of the Moment: Holiday Highs

We're in the middle of December, and I'm counting down until the big day, Christmas! I really can't wait because I simply adore family gatherings and everything fun. I am already done with school (until dreaded January kicks in) and all I'm doing is hang out with friends, particularly Abby who came from Las Vegas. I'm so glad to see her again.

Anyway, a little update on the wishlist, I am pleased to announce that I got the coat checked out! Well, it's neither Martin Margiela nor is it camel-colored, but I love it anyway; it's warm and I got it on sale. What matters (to me at least) is I am not dirt poor this holiday.

What matters is I am not dirt poor this holiday!

Among other things, I am watching films that are set in Los Angeles. It's rainy right now and I want sunny L.A. back. I got "Inception" and "A Single Man" (that movie by Tom Ford) down, and what's left are "(500) Days of Summer" and "L.A. Story" with Steve Martin.

Though I am out of school, I guess it'll still be a busy month! My type of busy this time around. I bid you all a Merry Christmas! Enjoy the weather, and if you're in the Southern Hemisphere, do wallow in that sunny scape.

P.S.: Pre-Fall 2011 collections are already out! Take a sneak peek at Time flies by don't it?

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ching said...

holy cow, i still haven't seen inception (faceslap!)

RicAdeMus said...

LOL, you're right Nico! A secret looney with a pretty face can be interesting--even fun for a little while!

January really is a buzz-kill. I'm finished with my shopping, but still need to mail cards--I better make them "season's greetings" since it's so late.