Monday, August 1, 2011

Doc of the Moment: Driving in Manila

I lived in Manila for 12 years and I can definitely say that everything in the video is true. The traffic is horrendous and the pollution is so unbearable that schools teach students to always bring a handkerchief with them when traveling (to cover their noses). To compound the environmental travesty is the fact that the city's population density continues to skyrocket. Over the years, this has been attributed to the migration of provincial folks to the city, but more recently it's apparent that the Catholic church's campaign against family planning--which is what the city desperately requires to mitigate population explosions--continues to undermine the government's efforts to curb the population. Hence, the image of Manila as a city that seems to be in a slow decay environmentally, economically and socially. Still, it must be argued that the city manages to emanate a pulse that is undeniably city-like; it is Manila's own cry of defiance against decline.

Witness the deep contrasts that shade this city.

Watch the documentary to witness the deep contrasts that shade this city I once called home. Indeed, it is dynamic but its progress is paced unevenly: it's as if one foot is going backward while the other is moving forward. This observation won't take long to take notice as you look on the streets. Calesas or horse-driven carriages run along modern automobiles. Mega malls that tempt you to splurge dot the city whilst the majority of residents lives in destitution. Pious Catholics visit their shrines of worship and later swear their heads off at the slightest offense. These are just tidbits of the greater intricacies the sprawling city has to offer. To really delve into the whole Manila experience, it's recommended to visit and make your own judgment. Though, it is common knowledge that a lot of foreigners scoff at Manila for the very same reasons that I listed. For them, it's a mere pit stop to their true destination, the provinces.

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