Monday, August 22, 2011

Lust of the Moment: Wherefore Art Thou, Celine?

I told myself "No." I resisted. I debated. I hesitated. I declined. And I told myself repeatedly "No!" It's fitting to say that I'm head over heels for the Celine cabas. Of course, Phoebe Philo is an accomplice to this affair, this liaison. It's dangerous but it's short of an addiction. Celine, why must you be one intellectual femme fatale? You know how much that stimulates my senses. Darn. You knew my weakness and used it against me. Clever.

I resisted. I debated. I hesitated. I declined.

If you haven't found the reason why I'm gaga over this glorified shopping bag, let me tell you, it's all about the construction. Its structure calls to mind a paper bag clad in lambskin (or python, linen, even rubber). Its supple texture and strict ornamentation invites you to its austerity, modesty, simplicity. And despite being bereft of stitching, the Celine cabas can carry 5 kg (roughly 11 pounds) worth of goodies. Gotta tell you, this bag got some heft!

Oh, Celine cabas, to have you in army green and black is priceless. This must be love.

Bi-color cabas, $1289 at

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