Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Introspection of the Moment: Homecoming

Thank you, Abby, for sharing this video. And kudos to Colin Rich for enduring the onerous task of time lapse photography despite the disapproval of L.A. police (you should read his little narrative to gain further appreciation of his work). Well, folks, this is the city I live in now. It's definitely not like New York City with the astounding skyscrapers and 24/7 lifestyle--New York, after all, is a city that never sleeps; on the other hand, L.A. is a city that prizes its eight to ten hours of beauty zzz's (hello, beauty doesn't come cheap in this city).

Anyway, it shocked me that even though I call L.A. home, I still find myself chanting "I want to go home." I told my youth pastor about this and he said that if I moved back to the Philippines, I'd feel out of place because the culture, albeit a familiar one, will be different for me. And if I go back to the States, it's still not going to fee like home. So what is home? If I'm never going to feel at home anywhere in the world, then where is home?

If I'm never going to feel at home anywhere in the world, then where is home?

My pastor, in his wise tone, retorted "Home is heaven." Of course.

But before I go to my ethereal abode, I must be able to fulfill my earthly purpose whether it's in L.A., New York, Manila, Paris, Milan, Tokyo, Abidjan, Kathmandu, Bucharest, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, Sydney, anywhere. And once I come home, I want my Father to welcome me with "Well done, good and faithful son."

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ching said...

i was gonna say "home is where the heart is" but it sounded cheesy..haha
"home is heaven" aint that bad..but yeah, the world is your oyster. anywhere can be a home. its better than nowhere.

ps. did my triangle look like an 'A'?hahaha anywho, you can edit that in the DESIGN, and then click on the edit favicon. you have toconvert any .jpeg to a favicon.. i went to this website http://www.favicon.co.uk/ to change it. hope that helps Nico!

Nico said...

yes, your triangle looked like an A!!! thanks for the tip ching :D

ching said...

ill keep rechecking your blog Nico if you managed to do your favicon. :D

that white guy was just in the expo. he was cute so i took his photo.haha i couldnt resist.

Pop Champagne said...

interesting! I moved to where I'm living 2 years ago the other day I was finally thinking to myself "ahh this is home" prob because I actually spent some time decorating my place and made it look nice LOL